Best Simulation Games For Android

Gaming on smart phones is one of the most common things we get to see in our daily life. Be it Android or any other powerful mobile OS, some people just like to play games. While some do it for passing the time quickly, there are several who are just addicted to gaming. They just can’t get enough of spending countless hours on gaming, it becomes a passion and can be utilised in a good way. We all know that gaming can help a person in several ways. For instance, gaming can help treat people suffering fro depression or stress as it provides a way out of reality, it is more than just their mundane lives. They get to live s someone completely different, someone who has the power to change the world.

Moving on, gaming has several genres and each genre offers a unique of playing, the most popular ones are sports, simulation, first person shooters and role playing  games. But in this article, we will be covering a large number of simulation games you can play on your Droid. Some are high end games, while other should work on a moderately powerful devices. Simulation games are basically a computer representation of real world. They can be fun to play and offer hours of fun time.

So without further due, let us head to the best simulation games on Android. Sit back and enjoy. Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Leaks in Pictures

Remember the rumours surrounding Samsung releasing a Galaxy device that will be made by using premium quality materials and will finally offer a metallic design? Well, the rumours did go at one point but there was still a lot talk about the phone as everyone wanted to see a Galaxy device that is built using metal instead of plastic. Well now there is some solid proof that the phone does exist, but it won’t a member of the famous Galaxy S family. Instead of that, Samsung named it the Galaxy Alpha. So much for the premium stuff, eh?

Luckily for us, the rumour this time is more than just words as we have some actual photos of the phone and one thing might surprise people. The phone looks considerably small when it is put up against the Galaxy S5. The reports suggest that the phone will be having a screen size of 4.7 inches. However, we are still not sure about the resolution. So it seems that the dreams of a premium quality device with premium specs will have to be put on hold. The picture also shows that like some high end models in the Galaxy family, this will also come with a faux leather back. To be honest, it should look nice along with the metallic frame of the phone. However, if you are wondering if Samsung will finally consider on screen buttons then you are wrong as this device does come with a hardware button. It also doesn’t come with a heart rate sensor. You can also see that instead of using micro USB 3.0, Samsung has decided to stay loyal to the micro USB 2.0. It is said that the phone will be running on Android 4.4.2 Kitkat layered with Samsung’s own TouchWiz UI. Continue Reading →

[How To] Hide Albums on Your Android

Own an Android phone but tired of people invading your gallery and going through your images without your permission? Well one of the best things about owning an Android is the freedom it provides you to control your device however you want. Luckily, the same freedom allows you to hide the specific galleries you don’t want people to see because sometimes they contain important and even private stuff. Another best thing here is that you don’t really need a 3rd party app who only has the feature to hide your galleries. All you need is a little bit of Android knowledge and one small yet extremely handy file explorer. In case you are wondering if this process is tricky it is isn’t, all you need to do is to create a simple file called nomedia, if you are still not convinced, you can always use Quickpic which also serves as a third party gallery that will let you hide your images. As for the gallery features, it is one of the best 3rd party gallery apps, it serves both in the looks and functionality department. So without delaying the concern at hand, let us begin. This tutorial also helps you get rid of unwanted albums such as the album arts of the music you have on your phone or the images those annoying ads download by themselves. Continue Reading →

How to Fix Infamous Google Play Errors

Google’s Play Store is undoubtedly one of the best app stores with thousands of handy apps that fit in almost all the categories. Be it games, productivity, entertainment, personalisation. The store has basically covered almost every thing you can want. The store has an amazing amount of both free and paid apps so there’s always a lot to choose from.  But despite being nearly perfect, the store has a lot of issues as well. Most of the time the issues can end up frustrating you because they simply stop you from downloading or updating any app you need to.

The errors are almost always random so you can never tell when you are going to encounter one. They’re even different at times, leaving you confused. But if you are one of the many people who has faced these errors and managed to find what’s wrong with the device. Thanks to extensive trial and error, we’ve managed to eliminate few of the most common errors and also found the reasons why these errors occur.

You can check out the errors and their possible solutions listed below. In case you know about more errors, feel free to let us know. Continue Reading →

Reasons Why Nexus Devices Are Better

If you are in the market for a new, high end phone. You’re either going for an Apple iPhone or any Android coming from the big boys like Sony, Samsung, HTC, and LG, and why not? They provide us with most powerful hardware and unique features. All the major OEMs like Sony, Samsung LG and HTC recently came up with their flagship devices, so there are high chances that you will be getting one of those devices. But what if you are told there are devices that are almost as powerful as those flagship but are relatively cheaper? At first, it seems like a dubious idea but it actually is true.

The phones that are being talked about here are none other than Google Nexus devices. Now these devices are also manufactured by the likes of Samsung (Google Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 10) HTC (Nexus One) LG (Nexus 4, Nexus 5) Asus (Nexus 7, Nexus 7. 2013) these phone are basically running on stock Android, otherwise known as Vanilla Android, and doesn’t have any additional bloat installed. These devices go on sale directly on the Google Play Store and are very cheap. Despite having only one downside, there’s nothing that should stop you from getting a Nexus device. Unless of course you are a fan of the skins and features that are installed by OEM.

If this hasn’t convinced you, we’ve narrowed down a list of reasons that should be enough to convince anyone with a brain to get a Nexus device over a non-Nexus device.  Continue Reading →

Windows 8.1 Rolling Out to Lumia Phones

The wait is finally over. Nokia has finally started to roll out the Cyan update on the Lumia devices. The update is set to roll out on all the devices that are running on Windows Phone 8. However, not all the devices are getting the update right now. Some devices will gradually get the Cyan update in coming weeks. The Cyan update will bring the much awaited Windows Phone 8.1 which has been receiving numerous positive reviews from  those who have tried the developers preview.

For those who don’t know, the developers preview went live in April (3 months) although several people have been using that as a daily driver, it still had some features missing. If you don’t know the features that accompany the the Cyan update, you can look out for a drop down notifications drawer, quick toggles, Wi-Fi sense, and some other goodies that will be coming straight from Nokia itself. Continue Reading →

Sony Xperia Z3 Caught in The Wild

Remember when Sony announced the Xperia Z2 earlier this year in February? Well, after the announcement, we started hearing that Sony will be launching another flagship after 6 months. The flagship was supposedly the Xperia Z3, successor to Xperia Z2. After the rumour, more reports started following saying that the Japenese electronic giant is currently working on several devices including the yet to be announced Z3. Today we have our hands on some interesting news that gives some flame to the earlier rumours.

Folks over at DigiWo managed to get their hands on some live photos of what seems to be the Xperia Z3. Seems like the phone underwent a thorough photo shoot in which all the angels were properly pictured highlighting the main cosmetic changes in the device.  Continue Reading →

Best iOS 7 Tips & Tricks

iOS 7 has been here for quite some time now and unlike the previous iterations of iOS it basically a complete overhaul. Apple has changed every aspect of the operating system to make it compete with the cosmetic beauty of Android. However, if you happen to be an Apple loyalist, it’s pretty safe to say that you are not completely in favour of all the changes since things aren’t exactly the way they used to be and most of the useful features are either merged or have been completely changed? So what to do in this situation? Well, Apple didn’t really remove all the stuff you once loved, it’s just a bit different to find. Also, iOS 7 is a great piece of software with a lot of amazing tricks up its sleeves, so if you are in for an adventure, let us find the best ones so you can use them according to your needs. Continue Reading →

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