How Successful Teams Use Project Management Software

Infographic brought to you by Wrike what are project management tools

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What Is The Average Age Of A Profile Picture On Social Networks?

The average age of a profile picture on social networks is 2 years A local services marketplace conducted a survey and found out that the profile pictures on social networks is 2 years old. It is a fact that any individual now would check his social profile for any updates as he gets up without even getting fresh and, it ...

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Energy management through Home Automation can save money

Linear motion actuator technology has been applied widely in automating smart homes. Actuators that use this principle create movement linearly. Linear motion actuators help in automating and controlling of heating, lighting, air conditioning, security and ventilations in smart homes. There are different types of linear motion actuators. These actuators vary from heavy duty to light duty and also according to the ...

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Technology is Taking Over Marketing

Marketing today doesn’t look anything like marketing did even as recently as a decade ago. Although many of the founding principles are intact, the execution of them has morphed into something completely different in order to stay relevant. Why all of the changes to the way products are marketed to customers? Technology. Tech has completely altered the way we get ...

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All You Need To Know About Google penguin 4.0 Update

All You Need to Know about Google Penguin 4.0 Update If you are a website owner you have obviously heard about Google Penguin 4.0 which became part of Google’s core algorithm on September 2016. Of course this has been at the top of all SEO debates since the last Penguin update in 2014. There has been a lot speculation amongst ...

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Online Photo Editing Tool, You Absolutely Can’t Miss out!


Online Photo Editing Tool, You Absolutely Can’t Miss Out! We all have the needs for photo editing include cropping, resizing, applying photo filters, and even adding texts or graphics. Photoshop would be a great and common way to edit and arrange photos, but not everyone is proficient in PS. For more people, they would choose an easier and simpler tool. ...

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6 Reasons for Changing Your Website Domain Name and Domain Extension

Coming up with a creative Domain Name

Up until recently, just thinking of choosing a domain name for your website using anything other than .com was unimaginable. Occasionally, depending on the nature of your site, .net, or even .org were used, but that was about it. Still, as the Internet expanded, this solution was no longer satisfactory, and in 2014, the number of domains reached an astounding ...

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Personal Cloud Setup: Self-Hosted Solutions

Personal cloud

New, personal clouds in the digital sky have created a perfect storm for information to float around and cover great distances. The amount of data on the internet is mind-boggling and our appetite for it insatiable. Although technology advances at a rapid pace, we are still dependent on HDDs. We also produce more private data than ever before, and sooner ...

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