Are Driver less Cars Careening into the Uncanny Valley?

Are Driver less Cars Careening into the Uncanny Valley?   Amidst many concerns regarding the surgence of driverless cars in developed countries around the world, patrons of a self-driving taxi service are raising a new complaint: apparently, riding in a driver less car feels creepy. As author Will Knight notes in MIT Technology Review, this appears to be some version ...

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Marketing Methods For Online Business Owners

Marketing Methods for Online Business Owners Even the best sites need to be properly marketed to their target audience. There is no hope that they will become profitable if nobody knows about them. Therefore, you must put a great deal of time and effort into the marketing of your online business. You need to get the word out about what ...

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How To Get Started In Digital Marketing Today

Digital Marketing Career Options That Offer a Great Work-Life Balance A study by Ernst & Young reveals a truth that has been staring at us for years but without acknowledgment; getting a proper work-life balance is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve. Around 46% of the surveyed managers are putting in more than 40 hours per week and 40% report that ...

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Which Email Marketing Strategies Are Supported By Science?

Which Email Marketing Strategies are supported by Science? As is the case with all online marketing strategies, some email marketing strategies don’t work while others do. Picking a good strategy saves you money, time, and effort, allowing you to concentrate on your business. The best strategies are those that have scientific backing. They include: Make your subject lines fewer than ...

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Halloween Party Ideas for Holding an Interesting Halloween Celebration


Halloween is coming day by day. The festival is so important that more and more people want to celebrate it. Lots of people may want to call their friends together to hold a lively party. However, organizing a meaningful and interesting party is not an easy thing for many persons. Is there any wonderful Halloween party ideas for them? My ...

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Five Practical SEO Tips On ECommerce Content Marketing

Five Practical SEO Tips on Ecommerce Content Marketing   It is well-established that content marketing depends on search engine optimization and vice-versa. When planned properly and executed correctly, content can greatly boost the performance of organic searches. Some successful rules that can blend in SEO requirements with creation of content: Study What Your Customers Want Just like traditional marketers had ...

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7 Elements of the Best Digital Signage Template Designs

7 Elements of the Best Digital Signage Template Designs Digital signage is effective for branding and creation of an identity. The signage should be easily identified as your business’s and the best way of ensuring this is by avoiding clutter. The digital signage structure should encompass design elements and colors that enhance readability. Clutter creates unnecessary noise that pushes customers ...

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What You Must Do To Help Penguin Recoveries Take Effect

What You Must Do to Help Penguin Recoveries Take Effect To say that the Penguin update of April 2012 had a massive effect on websites would be an understatement. In fact, it played a huge role in changing the face of the SEO and online marketing industry. Google badly penalized websites at that time after the update was released. But ...

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