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10 Apps to Boost Your Productivity

Long gone are the days when you had to rely on pencils, paper and file cabinets. Now, freelancers use applications for time management, storage and document creation which makes their time more productive. Invoices are created in a few minutes, communication is easier and large files can be stored at file storage sites. Here are ten awesome productivity tools to keep you get more work done.


YouSendIt [File Sharing] – Instead of huge files cluttering up your inbox, you receive a simple message from Yousendit. This will let you send massive files to your clients quickly and easily. You can send files of 100MB for free, you receive 2GB storage for $9.99 monthly.


Basecamp [Project Management] – Create milestones, track projects and communicate with other team members using Basecamp. Delegate tasks and receive regular updates. Basecamp is a superb project management tool that will help any project manager or freelance artist control their workflow. Basic service is $24 monthly, giving you 15 projects, 5GB of storage space and unlimited users.

Google Docs

Google Docs [Document Creation] – Google Docs is a free web based package which puts word processing and spreadsheets at your fingertips. You can share documents with other users online by clicking a few buttons. Make a quick sketch or design the latest presentation for your company. Docs delivers nearly every necessary function for free.


Freshbooks [Accounting] – Create and send invoices with Freshbooks. Keep track of billable hours. Invite others to the program so they can view all of their invoices in one place. Freshbooks also functions as a limited contact management system, allowing you to put both your client and contractor contacts into a database for easy retrieval. Basic service (Seedling) is $19.95 monthly, providing tracking of 25 clients.


Harvest [Time Management] – Harvest is a time management tool designed for teams. Members can input their daily time or have weekly time sheets. With Harvest, you can customize your reports, letting you know your financial standing at a glance. Service for a single user is $12 monthly, with additional users billed at an additional $10 monthly.

30 Boxes

30 Boxes [Calendar] – 30 Boxes is a calendar which lets you input your important dates. Attach pictures and notes, receive email reminders, schedule all of your tasks quickly and effectively. Broadcast your important reminders to your Facebook page. This service is free to use.


EverNote [Note Taking] – Create one or a thousand sticky notes for your desktop. Track important events, manage your to-do list, remind yourself that you need to pick up groceries after work. Take pictures and add them to your notes for future reference. Evernote’s basic service is free, their premium service is $5 monthly or $45 per year.

Now Do This

Now Do This [To Do List] – Now Do This is a minimalist to-do list. This is designed for those people who do not want to have choices on their to-do list. After you edit your list, it will tell you to do things one at a time. When you are done, it will say ‘all done’ and let you begin anew. This service is free.


Skype [Communication] – Use Skype to talk to anyone around the world for free. If you have a webcam, you have free video conferencing. Keep track of team members by calling them at low rates, or use their mobile application to make a Skype to Skype connection. Free calling around the world for $13.99 monthly.


Last.fm [Music] – Music helps the days fly by, enhancing productivity and mood. Listen to some great music at Last.fm. Simply put the artist into the search bar, and it will start playing your favorite music. The application keeps track of the most played items so it can offer recommendations. Create your own radio station for free.

You can be more productive with web based calendar, note taking and time management applications. Spend more time focused on your to-do lists and get the most use out of every single minutes. With increased efficiency, you will have more time for the important things.

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