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10 Great Ways to Use Evernote

evernote 10 Great Ways to Use EvernoteEvernote is a free tool for your computer, cell phone, iPhone and online that allows you to collect and store information from just about anywhere and access it from just about everywhere. Your information is synced across platforms, too.

It is easy to look at Evernote and wonder, “What am I going to do with all of this white space!” But, I believe if you think of Evernote like a regular notebook, you can make great use of it and begin to improve your life.

Let’s find out the best ways to use Evernote to get the most out of it.

  1. Use Evernote as a Getting Things Done tool by creating notebooks and sorting incoming information into different notebooks within Evernote. The GTD method works for a lot of people to keep them organized and on track to accomplish their goals.GTD 10 Great Ways to Use EvernoteRead more about how to set up an Evernote-GTD system at Productivity 101.
  2. Keep track of your billable hours with a work log. Record tasks completed in Evernote, along with beginning and end times (or # of hours). Keep these logs in their own notebook, so you can quickly find the information you need when it’s time to submit time sheets or invoices.
  3. Blog post drafts can be written and formatted in Evernote, then copied into your online post editor when you get back to your computer or finish the post.
    Blog Post Evernote 10 Great Ways to Use Evernote
  4. Write “to-do” and other lists in Evernote inserting the checkmark-able T0-Do box by going to Format > Insert To-do or pressing the button shortcut in the compose note screen.To-do List 10 Great Ways to Use Evernote
  5. Take photos of receipts and upload to Evernote. Forget trying to keep paper receipts in a box on your desk. Instead, take photos of them and upload them to Evernote. They’ll be searchable and get rid of excess paper around your home and office.
  6. PDF Documents can be backed up in Evernote. Email the file to your Evernote account or drag and drop the file into the desktop software. Now you have a searchable and permanent copy of PDF files! On the Mac, you can Print PDF files to Evernote, too.
    pdf evernote 10 Great Ways to Use Evernote
  7. Save serial numbers and PDF versions of user manuals for easy access later. Occasionally, you’ll need serial numbers for insurance purposes, so keep all of your serial numbers in your Evernote account. You can also save PDF versions of user manuals for those times when you need them. No need to keep slips of paper or manuals around, when you can put them in your Evernote account.
  8. Back up IM conversations, Twitter messages and email exchanges in Evernote. If you are offline, you’ll still be able to access important email messages and attachments as well as have permanent back ups of instant messenger and Twitter conversations where ever you are.
    Evernote and Twitter 10 Great Ways to Use Evernote
  9. Take a photo of driving or transit directions for reference later. Did your Uncle draw a map with directions to his home? Snap a photo of the directions with your cell phone and upload to your Evernote account. Save your train schedule PDF to your Evernote account. Now you can access from online, phone or desktop client, instead of trying to navigate the transit operator’s website.
  10. Research is a popular internet activity, but you also need somewhere to keep the code, quotes and information you find. Evernote’s set up makes it logical to use it as an information storage system.

Notebooks 10 Great Ways to Use Evernote

How do you use Evernote?  Let us know in the comments.

(By) Ellie loves anything that makes life easier and gives her more time to explore New York City and read. She writes her own blog at ultimate geek girl.

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