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10 Website Conversion Tips

Top 10 Good Website  Conversion Tips

In today’s digital world there are always ways of improving your customer experience to ensure that more of your customers convert in sales or leads. You may be surprised how those small elements on your website can have huge differences and more often than not, it’s not clear what isn’t working. Below are our top 10 tips to start with.

  1. Call to actions

The number one top tip that we can help but emphasise is to ensure that your call to actions are clear. This means that any action you want the customer to take, i.e. call, complete a form, buy, sign up, is clear and prominent as soon as they land on your site. Contact details need to be obvious to the eye as a customer may just want to find your number and give you a call, they will lose patience if they have to hunt for it. Therefore, strategic placement of your contact information or form is vital, for example, do not put the contact information in the footer and expect people to find it. Be clear and concise to enable the customer to take the necessary action.

  1. USPs of YOUR business

What is it that makes your business stand apart from your completion? Is it price, location, service or delivery? It is vital that your Unique Selling Propositions are clear as soon as the customer lands on your site. If the buyer is keen on purchasing they will do their research, so ensure that everything that makes your business special and unique is really clear as this will add huge fundamental benefits from how they perceive you and your brand.  Also make sure that these are above the fold of the page so the customer does not have to scroll too far to find this info.

  1. Credibility

Testimonials, accreditations and affiliations are all fantastic ways of increasing credibility and most importantly, trust of your brand. How many years of experience does your business have? Can you checkout safely and securely? Customers will not want to put in their payment details if they don’t know where their money is going.  A picture of your team can also add trust to your brand as they then know who they are speaking to when they give you a call.

  1. Colours & Images

Colours and images can have significant emotional attachment to people as they can represent feelings, importantly, buying feelings and behaviour. Colour is hugely important in the buying decisions of online users so use it carefully. Orange is a great action colour to use for buttons and next steps. Try not to use too many colours on the page as this can be distracting.

  1. Eliminate Distractions

Decrease the amount of distraction of the site. We don’t have flashing lime green pop ups all over the page as the customer will be certain to jump of the page immediately. Ensure the information and customer journey flows without and annoyance.

  1. Engage your customers

Engage, engage, engage! Every customer that arrives on your site is potential business, so don’t lose them people your site was lacking the ability to grab their attention. Ensure there is something on the page that will appeal to them to take the next action and use those call to actions wisely!

  1. Navigation

We have all had that time where you have clicked onto a certain page of a website and have no idea where you go next or the page displayed was not what you expected? Its frustrating right? Ensure that within every area of the menu that the customer can find the information they are looking for and that the path you want them to take is very clear from the start. If not you will lose the customer and the potential of their business.
images 10 Website Conversion Tips

  1. Keep it All  simple

Make sure all the information displayed is clear, concise and not cluttered. It can be easy to overload a home page with too much information to try and win over business, yet this can work in the opposite way and be detrimental to your bounce rate as people will simply just leave the page.

  1. Compelling and interesting unique content

Take note of who exactly is coming to the site and what they will be looking for. Understanding your audience is key to engaging them. Whether or not you are a lead generation site or an ecommerce store, what information will customers want to find? The copy on the site needs to be authentic yet compelling.

  1. Ensure the process is easy and smooth

User experience is becoming ever more important, people want to have a pleasant experience online. Whether it’s adding a product to your online shopping bag, completing a quote, or simply finding the information they need, customers need a seamless journey from start to finish so when they complete their action they feel satisfied in making the decision to engage with your business

So there we have it, some simple steps to assist with your online conversions. Now go and put them into practice.


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