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23 Free MS Office 2010 Add-ins for Boosting Productivity

23 Free MS Office 2010 Add-ins for Boosting ProductivityWith the release of Microsoft Office 2010, it was obvious that there would be some excellent advances in the functionality of the suite, but you can always use more. Whether you are completely satisfied with all of the improved features and interfaces that the 2010 suite offers, or you are still looking for more options, there are add-ins for Office 2010 available that can give you even more features for boosting your productivity.

Some of these add-ins help you integrate your Office suite into other tools and networks, while there are others for people who would rather see their Office programs work as they did in earlier versions.

No matter what you are looking to get out of Office 2010, there should be some add-ins out there that will help you customize and personalize these programs to suit your professional and personal needs exactly.

Here are some great add-ins that can help to increase your productivity and make working with the 2010 suite not only more enjoyable, but also as simple and effective as possible.


Proposal Pack Wizard

This is an add-in for MS Word that will help with a lot of business-related issues. If you are dealing with large and important documents for your business needs, such as proposals, contracts or bids, this tool can help you create these documents more easily by using the hundreds of templates that it has to offer.

Word Repair

This repair tool will recover or fix any Word files that you are not able to open. Whether you need something recovered or you need to repair a corrupted file, this add-in will be of great service to you.

More Add-in

A tool that allows you to hide Word text by creating collapsible sections. It is good for people who have documents that they do not want to share completely. Instead of separating the words that you don’t want to share and putting them in another document, you are able to hide these sections and send the document to someone else without them being able to see the text you have hidden. You can also choose to hide text that you do not need when you are printing out a document.

Mathematics Add-In for Word and OneNote

If you are really into mathematics and you are using things like graph plotting, equations and algebraic expressions on a daily basis, this tool is perfect for you. The add-in gives you a new toolbar on your ribbon that will allow you to put common mathematical expressions and structures into your file quickly, with the click of a button.


Fuzzy Duplicate Finder

A great tool for people who have a lot of data that might be hard to edit and check, and are looking to clean up their Excel files. It finds mistakes that are hard to find, not only in code, but also typos and misspelled words.

Excel Utility

This plugin enhances the work of the Excel program and contains many different tools and features that can help you out in a professional environment.  It shows up like a regular tabbed Office toolbar and offers many different options, like functions for removing unused rows, duplicated cells, changing the color options of your spreadsheet, and many other valuable functions.

XLS Repair Tool

An error detection and .xls file repair tool that will find and fix all of your Excel files that are corrupted and cannot be opened.

Pop-up Excel Calendar

With this add-in you do not have to write any kind of code to insert and configure a DatePicker Control. Using the pop-up menu, in a few simple steps, you will be able to determine what dates in your Excel calendar will pop up and alert you when the time comes.



This add-in allows you to insert web pages directly into a PowerPoint slide. This is good for people who often make presentations that are related to web content, making it very easy to access a webpage during the presentation, because you don’t have to leave the slide show to bring it up.

Free PowerPoint to Flash Converter

A plugin that makes it easy for you to convert PowerPoint presentations into the Flash format, which is very useful when you want to stream your presentations within a web browser.

Microsoft Mouse Mischief

A very good add-in for teachers or business people who use PowerPoint presentations a lot. It enables everyone in the room to use a wireless mouse and click on the presentation to make changes and point out highlights, which really brings a great level of interactivity into whatever you are doing.


This is another great add-in for converting PowerPoint presentations into Flash presentations that can be displayed online (.swf files). The add-in can usually convert just about anything you put into a PowerPoint presentation and make it work as a Flash presentation with no problems.



Check out this add-in, which creates a sidebar within Outlook that will enable you to manage all of your Google Docs documents. It is very convenient, because you can convert all of your Google Docs documents to the corresponding Microsoft format by dragging and dropping the files from the side bar onto your computer.

Google Calendar Sync

An add-in that is a very convenient, because it enables you to synchronize your Google Calendar and your Microsoft Outlook Calendar. It enables you to keep track of all of your events better and makes sure that you are reminded of all your responsibilities.

Outlook Social Connector

This add-in integrates your favorite social networks into Microsoft Outlook and sends you updates from all the people you communicate with most via email. It is available for just about every relevant social network, including of course Facebook, LinkedIn and Myspace.

DBX Extractor

Another good tool for fixing data corruption issues. This one works with Outlook and Outlook Express. It fixes corrupt emails and recovers emails that you might have lost or cannot open for one reason or another.


This add-in gives you a Twitter client that is very rich in features and integrates it into Outlook. This is a great tool for professionals who have multiple Twitter accounts and need to effectively keep tabs on all of them.  It is also a great tool for archiving your tweets.


Replacement for Office Compatibility Pack

An add-in for users that want the power and options of MS Office 2010, but are not into the way that it looks. It will enable you to get rid of the ribbon interface of the Office 2010 products if you are not particularly fond of it.

Bring to OneNote

When using this add-in in Word, you can send documents as a printout format to OneNote and in Excel, you can you can add the document as a linked filed to OneNote. If you are using OneNote for professional collaborations, this could come in very handy.

SharePoint View Boost

This is a great tool for those that use SharePoint. This add-in is used to enhance the user experience of the list view when using SharePoint. It can alter the column headers and explain the columns in order to make the standard view more attractive and not as cluttered.

Classic Menu for Office 2010

Yet another tool for people who do not like using the ribbon interface that newer version of MS Office offer. This add-in will revert the look to the classic MS Office menu, which many people still prefer.


This is a fantastic search tool that will help you find any file you might have misplaced on your computer. The search is incredibly fast and very thorough. It can help you find files that your regular searches might not be able to find.


Another great add-in for opening just about any type of file that you need. Of course, it can open any MS Office file format, but it can also open music, video and image files as well.

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