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3 Best Web Browsers For Android

Getting to have the feature of browsing the web on your smartphone is a great way to stay connected with your favourite websites. In addition to having your smartphone as a device for videos, music, text, and phone calls, the ability to browse the web wherever you are (only if you have an Internet package enabled), gives you the freedom to stay connected to the internet and keep up to date with this age of information technology.

Internet browsing and smartphones go hand in hand. It’s impossible to imagine having a smartphone and not having internet browsing on it. In fact, such is it’s importance, that back in 2007 when Steve Jobs was giving out his keynote on the occasion of the first iPhone’s launch, he declared internet browsing one of it’s integral part.

Think about it, the very first thing we check after waking up is our favourite website; on our smartphones! In this article, we’ll have a look the 3 best web browsers for Android (both their pros and cons), and help you better choose one for your needs.

Web Browsers Android 3 Best Web Browsers For Android

Web Browsers For Android

The software available in the Android Market is all open-source, which allows third party and independent developers to put forward their apps and tools to literally millions of users. This also means we get to see a lot of competition and thereby some really high quality applications and software in the Android market.

The market for Android based web browsers isn’t any different. Here are our 3 picks for Android based web browsers.

Chrome Browser (Android)

Chrome Logo 3 Best Web Browsers For AndroidWe’ll start off with the most obvious choice for a web browser on an Android smartphone. Google’s very own web browser for Android is hands down one of the best available options. It’s fast, reliable and has a variety of amazing features. With the web-based Chrome browser, you can easily sync your data, bookmarks, history and security information from your smartphone to a desktop version of Chrome.

Other features include a private browsing mode (same as in the desktop version), gesture support for easy navigating through different tabs, and much faster page loading speed compared to other browsers on the Android.

Moving towards the negative aspects of this app, the first thing you will notice is a massive burden on your phone’s resources. Playing Flash videos can also be pretty tricky.

Opera Browser (Android)

Opera Logo 3 Best Web Browsers For AndroidThe best thing in our opinion about Opera Browser for Android is it’s download manager. It’s renowned speed dial page is also a great feature to have in your mobile. The mobile version has pretty much all features that makes the desktop version so good. Page load times are as good as any other mobile browser app. Additionally, there are two unique features that sets Opera apart from others:

– Comes with a built-in Popup blocker tool, that lets users browse the world wide web in peace.

– An ‘Off-Road’ feature, that uses compression on the incoming bandwidth thus allowing users to reduce their data package costs.

On the downside, the feature-set is pretty limited, as compared to the Google Chrome browser for example.

Floating Browser (Android)

Floating Browser Logo 3 Best Web Browsers For AndroidThe reason we have added the Floating Browser in this article is because this browser is so unique when matched with the other options available. The biggest reason is that this browser, rather than being a smartphone based browser, actually works at its best when used on a tablet. This application loves bigger screens, and a tablet gives you just that. You get beautiful floating windows, the ability to customize your tabs, and resizable windows to make your browsing experience worthwhile.

Unfortunately, the free version comes with a very limited feature set. There have also been complaints from users pointing towards a tricky gesture support.

Do you agree with our assessment of the 3 best web browsers for Android? We would love to hear what you think!

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