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3 Privacy Plugins for Chrome

3 Privacy Plugins for ChromeOne of the great benefits of the Google Chrome browser is the ability to download free apps, themes and extensions to customize the looks of your browser or to add more functionalities. Some of the must-have extensions have already been introduced here.

In this post, we’ll introduce you to 3 extensions that help to save the privacy and security of the users.

Adblock Plus

3 Privacy Plugins for ChromeAdblock Plus is the most popular addon for the Firefox browser and was recently ported to the Google Chrome browser as well. Once installed, it automatically blocks all ads on any website, so advertisers have no chance to generate a profile about the interests and browsing behavior of the user.

But Chrome Adblock Plus can do even more, depending on the filter list a user activates, any kind of content can be blocked. By activating the “EasyPrivacy” filter, all tracking codes can easily be disabled from any website.  Also, the Facebook like-buttons that are known to save data about the browsing habits of the users will be removed by activating the “Antisocial” list.

Download Chrome Adblock Plus

Web of Trust

3 Privacy Plugins for Chrome

Web of Trust (WOT) is a tool that displays a warning message whenever a user is trying to access a website with a bad reputation. WOT users have rated millions of websites according to different criteria, including their data policy and handling of private information.

The rating results in the trust ranking, and the user is protected from visiting a website with a low trust level.

Get the WOT extension here


3 Privacy Plugins for ChromeThe Click&Clean extension for Google Chrome makes deleting files that are potentially giving away personal information very easy. With only one click, the computer can be cleaned from cookies, visited URLs, and temporary internet files.

The deletion of flash cookies is quite complicated without the help of Click&Clean, with this plugin the cleanup only requires one click on the icon next to the address bar. Also, the download history can be erased and the Click&Clean extension scans your system for malware.

Install the Click&Clean extension

During the installation of any of these extensions, Chrome will display a warning that they can access private data such as the browsing history and the data on all websites. So are these privacy extensions actually infringing the user’s privacy themselves? No, the warning is a standard message in Google Chrome for any extension that modifies webpages. The extensions don’t actually store or send any private information about their users.

About this author: This article was written by Tom Dave, one of the editors of chrome-plugins.org, the website with reviews of the best Chrome plugins, apps and themes.

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