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3 SMS iPhone Apps for Free Texting

iPhone Apps for Free Texting iPhone Apps for Free TextingOne of the main activities associated with connecting with family and friends is text messaging (also known as SMS) via the iPhone. Because texting can be expensive, people are always looking for ways to make unlimited SMS through modern technology. That’s why we have come up with iPhone Apps for Free Texting.

The 3 SMS applications for the iPhone listed below are very popular and inexpensive methods to contact others. Each app has its own unique qualities that make it special, but they all are free and help users text family and friends at a lower rate.

WhatsApp Messenger

whatsapp messenger iphone iPhone Apps for Free TextingAccording to the developers, WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messenger that replaces SMS and works through the existing Internet data plan of your device. Therefore, there is no additional cost per SMS.

Some of the main advantages  of this app are that you can use your own phone number (no additional registrations, pins or passwords) and that the app seamlessly incorporates into your phone address book (no new treasure hunts for building up lists).

In addition to its lack of hidden costs, WhatsApp Messenger features multimedia, group chat, an address book, and even custom notification sounds.

Don’t worry about usernames or pins; instead, use only your phone number to open an account with WhatsApp Messenger. Also, receive offline messages and adjust your status to keep your contacts up to date.

Jelly SMS

jelly sms iphone iPhone Apps for Free TextingJelly SMS  for iOS is designed specifically for the iPhone and it enables users to quickly send texts.  This fast, user-friendly web texting app is very reliable, as it promises portrait and landscape screens for sending messages to friends and family.

Having support for multiple user profiles, Jelly SMS allows you to switch providers. Also, you can receive helpful delivery reports for your social and business needs.

This app features iOS 4 multitasking for sending multiple messages or exiting the app quickly. You can even shorten URLs to fit into your SMS and send your current location to other users.


textnow iphone iPhone Apps for Free TextingEnflick Incorporated has developed TextNow, an SMS application that features unlimited free text and picture messaging. Working on the iPhone, this exciting application aptly supports all users in the United States and in Canada.

According to the developers, the app assigns you a real phone number to text with at no charge. Also, the app enables you to send and receive free picture messages but only through these mobile carriers: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Alltel, Cricket, US Cellular, and Virgin Mobile.

The TextNow service is very fast, reliable, and economical, allowing you to customize the app’s look, feel, and touch. Other featured functions include: call-forwarding, voicemail retrieval and affordable telephone calling. If you know other iPhone Apps for Free Texting please leave a comment below.

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By Damian Davila, writer on tech and gadgets at idaconcpts.com. Read more posts from Damian at LostInTechnology.com here. Follow Damian on Twitter at @idaconcpts.

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