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Daisy Disk

3 Tools to Make Mac Hard Drive Bigger, Better and Faster

mac hdd 3 Tools to Make Mac Hard Drive Bigger, Better and FasterThere were probably several reasons you chose a Mac over a Windows machine; reliability, less risk of virus and infection, great technical support, and most importantly – speed of processing. However, after a few years without the correct love and attention your Mac will slow down. Don’t fall out of love with it – before you jump online to shop for the latest ultra books, try to reclaim space on your hard drive using one of these effective software options.

When your hard drive gets too full (past the 90% mark) it will slow your Mac down considerably.  This can happen more quickly than you think, particularly on laptop drives. No-one enjoys the rainbow wheel of death, but luckily there is help out there for your Mac, regardless of his age. Your Macs hard drive needs breathing space in order to process efficiently – generally around 10%, but it can be a bit of a chore manually locating files and apps that you no longer use, and which could be slowing your system down.


DaisyDisk offers a great automated solution to these woes by allowing you to visualize your disk usage and free up your disk space by quickly finding and deleting large unused files.The program works by scanning your disk and displaying the content as an interactive sunburst map graphic, the biggest files and folders will be immediately obvious

daisy disk 3 Tools to Make Mac Hard Drive Bigger, Better and Faster

You can hover the mouse over the diagram to see the name and path of each file (including any enclosed files) and segments can be clicked in order to drill down to the folder level.  From here you can drag and drop any unwanted files into the ‘collector’ which can be deleted at a single click – cleaning up has never been so easy!

Maintains Cocktail

Maintains Cocktail is another effective utility that help to keep your Mac hard drive healthy and happy – turning slow and laborious maintenance tasks into something even Mary Poppins would be proud of.

cocktail 3 Tools to Make Mac Hard Drive Bigger, Better and Faster

Cocktail can help you with routine maintenance and customization across your disks, system files, networks and interface.  It’s a powerful digital toolset that helps thousands of Mac users to get the most from their system every single day by providing quick and easy access to many OS X settings that are normally hidden from users.  You can set Cocktail to perform routine maintenance tasks on a regular basis that will improve the speed and efficiency of your hard drive- like clearing your cache.

Disk Drill

Possibly the greatest digitally induced stress and heartbreak you’ll ever experience is the failure of a hard drive, resulting in the loss of several years worth of important files.  However, you can now protect against this by using Disk Drill which can recover data on any hard drive on your Mac: internal and external drives are supported and can handle crashed drives in Macs own HFS+ format as well as windows FAT and NTFS, and even lost data on solid state cards used in portable electronics.

diskdrill 3 Tools to Make Mac Hard Drive Bigger, Better and Faster

Disk Drill will also let you create a disk image on any drive you fear may be failing, and this clone will be an exact replica down to a single byte on the drive, which will allow you to perform data recovery if the drive becomes unusable for any reason.  Smart Monitoring within the utility will even let you know when it suspects something may be going wrong.

This guest post was written by Kathryn Thompson, a freelance tech and gadget writer who loves her MAC like it was one of her children. Currently he is researching to shop from the latest ultrabooks available in the market.

Image Credits: William Hook

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