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4 Cool Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) Tips and Tricks

ICS Android ice cream sandwichMy Android journey started with Éclair (2.1) and then followed by Froyo (2.2) and Gingerbread (2.3), now finally I upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich ( ICS 4.0) last week. With each update, Android has become feature rich, user-friendly and has smooth in performance.

So today I am going to talk about 4 interesting tips and tricks on how to make the most from your Android Ice Cream sandwich device. In these tips we will talk about the some of the new features that are introduced in ICS version of Android and how we can use them for your advantage.

So let’s have a look.

Take a Screenshot

Till the Gingerbread version, if at all,  user wanted to take a screenshot of his Android device, he was forced to root his phone but not any more. Now, on Ice Cream Sandwich, no matter a user has root access or not, he can take a screenshot on his device.

Android Ice cream sandwich ICS features (4) ice cream sandwich

To take a screenshot, you can either call up the power menu and select the screenshot option, or you can press the power and home button simultaneously or can hold down the volume key and press power button. These key combinations may differ for different manufacturers and ROMs designers.

Disable Auto App Shortcuts on Homescreen

Another fresh feature of Android Ice Cream Sandwich is that, whenever you install a new app from the Play Store, the system automatically creates a shortcut of the app on your home screen (if sufficient space is available). Some might like this aspect, but as I love my home screen clean, its kind of annoying for me.

Android Ice cream sandwich ICS features (2) ice cream sandwich

To disable the auto shortcut creation on ICS, open the Google Play Store (formerly Android Market) and open the Play Store settings. There, uncheck the option, Auto-add widgets. That’s all, you will no longer have to worry about the auto shortcut creations.

Swipe to Close Recent Apps

This is one of the cool and most awaited feature on Android, an easy app switcher and killer. Long press the home button to find the currently running apps and tasks on your Android ICS. All the apps will have a small thumbnail showing the last task performed on them. To switch to an app, click on the desired thumbnail.

Android Ice cream sandwich ICS features (1) ice cream sandwich

To close an app, just select and swipe the thumbnail of the app to throw it to either left or right on the screen. This trick will help you to free up your device memory.

Specify the Degree of Screen Animations

On earlier versions of Android, you can enable or disable the transition effects from the display settings. Well, the feature is now refined in the latest Ice Cream Sandwich.

Android Ice cream sandwich ICS features (3) ice cream sandwich

The option is moved from the display settings to developer settings, and user cannot only toggle the animations on or off but can also specify the degree of animation they want.


So that are all the new features I came across, but I am sure that’s not all and there is a lot more to it. So do share with us if you come across something new on your Android Ice Cream Sandwich device.

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