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5 Alternative Music Players to Windows Media Player

5 Alternative Music Players to Windows Media PlayerAll Windows users are familiar with Microsoft Windows Media Player. This is the default media player that comes with Microsoft Windows. Most of the time users don’t need to download or install additional media player software, as Windows used to be self-sufficient. However, these days, Windows is not self-sufficient. For example, you can’t run .avi or .flv files on a preinstalled media player. You need to install codecs to make it compatible.

Apart from this, you may just wondering if there are other media players that can replace this thing. You may just want to change your taste on media player. In fact, there are a number of media players for your needs and most of them are available at free.

Let’s have a look over 5 media players that you can choose as an alternative to Windows Media Player or primary media player for your machine.


5 Alternative Music Players to Windows Media PlayerAlmost all Windows users are familiar with this little media player. Winamp is meant for handling your audio files. You can play your audio files using this software. Its powerful equalizer also lets you ensure a high quality output format of the sound.

Download winamp for free from its website.

VLC Media Player

5 Alternative Music Players to Windows Media Player

To be honest, VLC is the boss! I haven’t encountered any media file format that is not supported by VLC. VLC is provided by VideoLAN.org. You can play any and every type of media file. It is a cross-platform freeware, which means you can run it on Linux, Windows and Mac. It’s also free and open source.

Download VLC Media Player from its website.

DivX Video Player

5 Alternative Music Players to Windows Media Player

DivX video player is another popular software for playing media files. This software supports various media file formats including but not limited to DIVX, MKV, MP4, MOV, etc. Its other advantages include an easy-to-navigate video interface, transferring video files between computer and other devices.

Download DivX Video player for free.

Media Player Classic Home Cinema

5 Alternative Music Players to Windows Media Player

Fond of watching movies but lack a home theater? Well, Media Player Classic Home Cinema can give you a home theater-like feel. It is a light-weight media player for windows user. It looks similar to Windows media player version 6.4, but it comes with all codecs, so you can run any type of video files with it.

Download Media Player Classic from SourceForge.

KM Player

5 Alternative Music Players to Windows Media Player

If you are not satisfied with VLC, you can choose KM Player as an alternative to VLC Media Player. VLC is the best media player that supports all types of media formats, but it doesn’t come with an outstanding look. KM Player, however, has a stylish look, and you can customize its theme. With KM Player, you can handle both video and audio file types and remove all other media players from your computer.

Download KM Player for free.


While VLC Media Player can handle all type of media files, it doesn’t come with a handy equalizer. So, for great quality sound output, you should go with Winamp. On the other hand, if you prefer a pretty media player, KM Player is a good choice. It also supports both audio and video file types with equalizers enabled. If you just watch movies, Media Player Classic Home Cinema should work fine for you.

Obviously, you have lots of choices.  What is your media player of choice?

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