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5 Best Ebook Reader Apps for Android Based Smartphone

What is an Ebook Reader App? – It’s an electronic software application, that manages an eBook library on your smartphone such as an Android or an iOS device. Do you have a reading habit and can’t survive without a book to ready on your side? If you have an Android Phone with you, then there’s no one who can stop you from reading your favourite book any time you want and wherever you may be. Reading your favourite books on your Android phone is simple, fun and a great way to utilize your time!

Ebook reader app lets you to read different books of your interest, on the go. It is a free and well designed app for all kind of Android devices. Since printed paper books are out of fashion and not popular any more, most people use Ebook reader apps; they love to download their favourite books right into to their smartphones and Tablets, and also get recommendations on whatever they’re looking for.

In this article, we’re listing down the 5 most awesome reader apps for your Android Phone for you to try out. So let’s have a look at the list of the best Ebook reader apps we have for you, which you can download for your smartphones, for free!

Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko Book Reader Logo ebookAldiko Book Reader App, for Android, is one the best and great apps used by many readers, available on the Android market. It lets you import your own PDF or EPUB files within the app. Readers can organize collections and tag books using Aldiko.

This ebook reader app is completely free for everyone, allowing you to adjust the text size, brightness, fonts, colors, alignment, line spacing, bookmark pages and much more. Its features are very interesting and unique.

If you’ve slept while reading the book, don’t worry, you can pick up where you left off on your smartphone. Even if you’re done reading the entire book, you can save pages and read them later on.

Google Books

Google Books on Android ebookGoogle Books is the search engine giant’s very own reading app, available on the Android market for all Android devices, for free. Google offers a wide range of books for you from its own play store, to download books of your own choice. There are over 4 million titles available on the Google play store for you to browse and download without any cost.

One of its best feature is that readers can resume reading the book where they left on their smartphone without missing a single page. Make your notes and highlights using this reading app and enjoy reading different books wherever you are, and even save them for offline reading!

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle Android App ebookJust like Google and Aldiko books, Kindle is by far one of the best and well known ebook reading app for Android owned by the mighty Amazon (this one is personally our favorite app on this list). Users can read thousands of kindle books from the kindle store on the go, enjoy magazines and newspapers, and easily shop for eBooks including new releases and New York times best sellers.

It provides a free built-in-dictionary to help you to look up for words with their definitions while reading your eBook. And to get detailed information, Kindle allows you access to Google Search and Wikipedia links as well. This app allows you to make margin notes and bookmarks. More so, it lets you customize your font size, brightness and even the background color.

Browse, shop and download for free. You just need to buy a Kindle book for once, read and enjoy it on any other device with the Kindle app installed.

Kobo eBooks

Kobo eBooks ebookGet thousands of interesting titles with Kobo eBook reader app produced by the company named Kobo Inc. This app actually makes your ready more entertaining and memorable because of this cool features.

It keeps you fresh by offering a wide variety of eBooks and lets you to share interesting quotes, ideas and much more for free. If that wasn’t enough, you can also join Kobo’s email list and create your own account to get information about the offers, new releases and stuff like that.

It also allows you to comment on the books you read online and interact with the other readers who reads the books of your choice.

Moon+ Reader

Moon+ Reader Android App ebookMoon+ Reader is another reading app for your Android phone. It has almost everything same like the above mentioned eBook reading apps. A free app to download, you can start your day with Moon+ Reader and it won’t let you sleep!

Its page turning effects, zooming, and brightness level are impressive. It supports various formats other than PDF and EPUB too. It includes 5 page flip animations. And you don’t have to worry about losing your eBooks, you can always back them up thanks to Dropbox integration.

These eBook reading apps are best for your Android devices, check them out and carry on reading your favourite books whenever you feel like.

The above mentioned apps are hands down the best eBook reading apps available in the market. There are still many out there, and If you think there’s one which deserves a mention, please let us know in the comments below.

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