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5 Best Games for iPhone 5s

The release of Apple’s latest and greatest iPhone, the iPhone 5s created a lot of buzz upon it’s launch. Surely, it looked identical to it’s sibling, the iPhone 5. But the story didn’t end there. iPhone 5s came with some BIG changes that weren’t present in the iPhone 5. First was the finger print scanner that allowed the users to make purchases and unlock their phones, and second was the Apple’s beastly 64 bit, A7 processor, alongside a M7 motion processing chip.

Everyone knew that it won’t take the developers long enough to start releasing their latest applications for the 64 bit processor. In a matter of few weeks, the App Store was swarming with applications that were made specifically to shine on Apple’s latest and fastest processor. Surely Apple’s main goal was to provide a seamless experience for both the casual users and those who rely on their smart phones for gaming. It can be said, without a doubt, that Apple succeeded in delivering what it wanted to and what the tech enthusiasts wanted to see.

We narrow down a list of five best games that every iPhone 5s owner should have, for both the playing pleasures, and to show off the immense power of their iPhone 5s.

Infinity Blade III.

mzl.qvrapvij iPhone 5sThe third installment in the critically acclaimed franchise ‘Infinity Blade III’ was used by non other than Apple to show off the technological prowess of the iPhone 5s, and it was without any doubt, mind bogglingly amazing. Infinity Blade III offers a great, and spectacular range of animations, character details and fluidity unlike any other iOS game, and it does a perfect job at it. The core game play elements might look familiar to some, but couple them with awing details and you will forget there was anything familiar.

The brilliant game play and graphics of Infinity Blade III could easily be matched with the consoles, despite running on a comparatively smaller screen and a lower screen resolution. The Infinity Blade III is a must purchase for all the users who want to enjoy maximum gaming on their iPhone 5s, it also covers the users who are looking for reasons to show off what their iPhone 5s can do. The app is 5o percent off as of yet and can be purchased for $2.99.

 Call of Duty: Strike Team.

mzl.begunxie iPhone 5sIf you are a PC or a Console gamer, then it’s pretty obvious that you are familiar with the multi billion franchise, Call of Duty. Activision’s latest entry is Call of Duty: Strike Team and it is aimed for the mobile gaming community, the game is optimized to run on iPhone 5s’ glorious 64 bit processor which results in an amazing first person shooter experience.

Call of Duty: Strike Team puts players in year 2020 where their job is to lead a joint Special Team and find out who’s responsible for a terrorist attack on United States. The game offers stunning graphics, and the game play is slick, Call of Duty: Strike Team also tries to mix strategy and fighting aspects, though it doesn’t always work. That being said, it’s a nice initiative and shows what iPhone 5s is capable of. Call of Duty: Strike Team can be purchased from the App Store for just $6.99. An amazing price for a game of such calibre.


XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

2KGMKT_XCOM_EU_IOS_APP_ICON_512x512 iPhone 5sXCOM: Enemy Unknown is one of those games that once need the last generation of consoles and a pretty awesome PC to play, and now it’s available to play right on your iPhone 5s. How awesome things can get. Developed by Firaxis, XCOM: Enemy Unknown puts you in the shows of the leader of a paramilitary organization called ‘XCOM’ as the leader, it is your job fight an unknown threat and save the world from destruction.

You will be required to create a fully functional base, research on latest alien technology, plan tactical missions and lead your team against the alien threat and save the world as you are its only hope. XCOM: Enemy Unknown offers amazing explosion effects, depth of field and brilliant camera angles that are optimized for your phone’s screen. The game allows you to discover new technology, take part in strategic combat, upgrade your soldiers and a lot more. XCOM: Enemy Unknown can be purchased from the App Store for $19.99


Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour.

Modern-combat-4-zero-hour-meltdown-update iPhone 5sIt is a pretty common fact that first person shooters are the benchmark to display the superiority of hardware in today’s gaming industry, whether you talk about displaying it on PC or a Console, there will always be judged by how good a first person shooter looks on them. Given that, it will be considered a pretty common thing if you want the same thing for your phone, no? Well, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour lets you do exactly what you want; display the technical superiority of your iPhone 5s.

Developed by Gameloft Montreal, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour puts players in the shoes of an elite soldier who will lead a team of soldiers to prevent the world from destruction and save its leaders from a harrowing terrorist group. The game offers jaw dropping graphics, alongside brilliant sound effects, there’s also a fully featured multiplayer mode. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is powered by the critically acclaimed Havok engine to ensure a destructive, yet brilliant game play. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour can be purchased for just $6.99 from the App Store.

Real Racing 3.

mzl.ycahhnby iPhone 5sAfter the first person shooters, racing games are  the pride and joy of all the people who want to show off their prestigious hardware. Well, gone are the days when you required a console or a high end PC to play all the amazing racing games in the market. Real Racing 3 really shines as one of the best racing games you can get on your iPhone 5s. Real Racing 3 takes the mobile gaming to the next level by introducing brilliant graphics, optimized controls and fancy, polished cars.

The game features several cars, and also has a robust multiplayer mode to test your skills on an online proving ground. There are more than 7- authentic cars, including the Lamborghini Veneno, Real Racing 3 also feature a lavish even series in which you race against other drivers to prove who’s at the number one. Real Racing 3 is absolutely free to download from the App Store and is a great game if you are looking for some authentic racing.


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