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5 Tools to Improve Your Twitter Experience

twitter-logoAfter Facebook, Twitter is the most popular social network in the world. There are whole businesses built around Twitter, and now, it’s almost part of our daily lives. Although some use Twitter in an efficient way and reap the rewards, some still see it as a time waster.

Below are five Twitter tools that will help you make the best use of Twitter. There are thousands of Twitter applications and more are produced everyday, so you might be using one that is similar or better than the ones mentioned below, if that is the case feel free to mention that in the comments section.


BufferApp - Schedule Tweets for Best Effect

BufferApp is a tweet scheduling application with some basic analytics built into it. If you want to build a strong Twitter presence, consistency is very important. Not everyone has the time to log into Twitter from time to time and post a tweet. If you log into Twitter and post 15 tweets withing 15 minutes, you will be flooding your followers’ timeline and could be seen as a spammer.

The other scenario is tweeting infrequently like once every couple of days. A better option is to schedule your tweets, so they go out in a timely manner. With BufferApp, you can do that easily and you don’t even have to log into your Twitter account. They have extensions for all the major browsers, so you can schedule tweets easily while browsing the web. You can specify the exact time a tweet should go out which will help in targeting the peek hours.

This is a great tool to keep you consistent on Twitter.


Hootsuite - Twitter Dashboard

HootSuite is a great tool to manage your Twitter account. You can track mentions, view your normal Twitter stream and even set up special streams to monitor specific Twitter searches. If you are a business, the ability to track conversations is very important, because it can lead to sales.

You can track up to five Twitter accounts using the free edition, and it supports a few other social networks like Facebook and Google+. It can be used as a customer support system as well with the ability to assign tweets. You need to pay for the team plan, but it’s worth it if you are on a social media team with multiple people needed access.

Twit Cleaner

Twit Cleaner Logo

As the name suggests, Twit Cleaner helps you clean your Twitter account.There are hundreds of applications that helps you clean up your Twitter account, so you might have a better application, but I like this one because its easy to use, you don’t need to give out your Twitter password and also because it takes care of the unfollowing people in an orderly manner.

It also breaks down your followers into categories, so you can easily identify people who are inactive, who tweet a high percentage of links and also people with a high percentage of retweets. This is especially useful if you have a considerable number of followers.


TwitPic Logo

TwitPic is one of the best Twitter picture sharing applications in the world. Most of the Twitter desktop applications and Twitter dashboards have built in support to view pictures uploaded via TwitPic.

This means you don’t have to click through and open a new tab or window to view the pictures which saves you time and a few mouse clicks. You can upload pictures via mobile phone and email making it a very versatile application.


TweetAdder Logo

TweetAdder is a commercial product, but it is very useful if you are a small business owner looking to increase Twitter followers. To promote your product or service on Twitter, you need to have followers. Getting followers is a hard task especially if you don’t have brand recognition.

TweetAdder will search for followers by keyword and automatically follow people that mention the given keywords. This way, you can build a targeted Twitter following very easily. However, it is important to note that unless you engage with your followers you wont be keeping them for long.

Mentioned above are five Twitter tools that has really helped me improve my Twitter experience. Hopefully, you will also have success using these tools. Again, if you know of a better tool feel free to mention in the comments section.

(By) Nishadha Silva is an Internet marketing specialist working at Cinergix, makers of Creately, an awesome tool to draw diagrams online.


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