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6 Free Windows Explorer Alternatives

windows-explorer windows explorer alternativeA Windows explorer alternative is just a program to replace Windows explorer, which runs a user-interface allowing users to do all file operations such as creating, opening, editing, viewing or renaming a file.

It can also lets you see the properties, permissions and attributes of a file. Here are some best free Windows explorer alternatives. Oh yeah, you need these alternatives, because Windows explorer stinks!

Free Commander

Free Commander is a free alternative for Windows explorer with two pane views. It supports the handling of compressed files like Zip, Cab and Rar with its integrated archive. An internal file viewer also allows users to view files in hex, binary, text and image formats.  It also supports folder operations like comparison and synchronization, search, filtering and folder size calculation. Access to space left in the hard drive is quick, and images can be edited within the software.

Free Commander windows explorer alternative


A43 is a free file explorer for Windows 2000/XP. It has an extremely low footprint, especially when compared to the default Windows explorer. It gives fast access to file operations like renaming or moving of files.  A43 is very useful for making Zip files, since we can make a zip file just by a dragging and dropping. Not only is A43 nice to your RAM, it is also very small in size.  this means you can take it around with you anywhere you want.

A43 also features a quick search to find all the lost files around your computer, a quick launch to execute programs which will be used frequently, internal text editor with unlimited size,  no installation required and easy and fast file management.

A43 windows explorer alternative

Cubic Explorer

Cubic Explorer is a flexible Windows explorer alternative with a tab based user-interface. It comes with an integrated text editor that can can support storage of text, html, and web page address, which can be viewed in the tab interface. It has a feature of showing html code rather than showing web pages when selected, which is very useful.

Other features of Cubic Explorer include bookmarks for web pages with tab browsing and various search options. Even though this explorer has fewer features compared to other managers ,this is worth a look for the tabbed view  which really sets it apart from the other alternatives.

Cubic Explorer windows explorer alternative

Explorer XP

Explorer XP is a free advanced tab view Windows explorer replacement, which supports running on a USB drive using an MI3 launcher. It can support configuring keyboard shortcuts, groups and multiple renames. Its user interface is similar to the default Windows explorer. Renaming of multiple files at a time, fast folder size calculations can be done using Folder Size Cache.

Explorer XP also supports Unicode, copying or moving of files and folders, cleaning of files with given list of extensions and keyboard shortcuts can be configured using this explorer.

Explorer XP windows explorer alternative

Gyula’s Navigator

Gyula’s Navigator is a free file explorer which is a clone for Windows from Norton Commander which runs on all Windows platforms. Unlike other file managers, it’s a command-style file explorer and occupies very little memory on install. The user interface has easily understandable icons available on toolbar. The technical support for this explorer is extensive, and you can find new updates and help in the application’s forum.

Gyula’s navigator features text file search, drag and drop, customized user interface, local network handling, archive, file operations, context menu, view or edit folders history, text file search and an integrated file viewer to view text and images. It has support for clipboard, and the main advantage of this explorer is the command line and Unicode support.

Gyulas navigator windows explorer alternative

Unreal Commander

Unreal Commander is a Windows explorer alternative with features to support Unicode, file search and archive support, directories synchronization, internal FTP client, tab-styled folders, network support and fast access to view plug-ins. It has a dual panel interface with command style environment. Unique features of Unreal Commander are that the user can add background screens.

Unreal commander windows explorer alternative

Let us know about your favorite alternative in the comments.

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