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How to Add Secondary Email Address to FaceTime

facetime-icon How to Add Secondary Email Address to FaceTimeBy default when you configure your iPhone, iPad or any other equivalent iOS device, the FaceTime is configured using the default Apple’s email address you use to configure your device. However, there might be scenarios where people who would like to reach you through FaceTime have saved your other, more frequently used, email address

In such scenarios, if you don’t wish to miss out on anyone contacting you, the best thing to do would be to add all the email address to FaceTime account using which users can reach you. Apple FaceTime gives you the option to add an additional email address and today we will see how we can do it.

Adding Additional Email to FaceTime

1. When you are on the Springboard, tap on the Settings icon to open the iOS settings. In the settings, look for FaceTime option and tap on it to navigate to its settings.

apple facetime (1) How to Add Secondary Email Address to FaceTime

2. By default, your iPhone or other equivalent device will be configured with a FaceTime account and this account will be using the Apple ID that is used for the other iOS administrative tasks like iCoud storage etc. If you have not yet configured FaceTime with any of the accounts, you will have to switch it on first.

3. Now look for the text You can be reached by FaceTime at: and tap on the option to Add Another Email. Having done that, write down the secondary email you would like to use and save the changes.

apple facetime (3) How to Add Secondary Email Address to FaceTime

4. Once you add the new email address Apple will verify it. It might send you a confirmation email to the account you just added. Once you confirm the email address, it ill be added as an alternative email address for your FaceTime account.

apple facetime (4) How to Add Secondary Email Address to FaceTime

So that was how you can add additional emails to your FaceTime account. After you add an additional email to FaceTime, you can use use any of these email address as your FaceTime Caller ID. The email you set as the default caller ID will be shown to the recipient when you call therefor make sure you use your business email which is available to most of your contacts.


Once you add the additional email address, any iOS user who has configured your contact details to the email address will be able to reach you using FaceTime. If you wish to remove an email from FaceTime, tap on it in the iOS FaceTime Settings and select the option Remove This Email on the screen.

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