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5 Apps that Transport you to the Future

We provide the features of 5 Apps that will Transport you to the Future and they all listed here in lostintechnology.com.

5 Apps that Transport you to the Future

Back to the Future made a lot of promises that scientists couldn’t keep. No, you still can’t buy a hoverboard. You can’t even rehydrate a pizza in seconds. Despite these and other disappointments, there are plenty of apps that will make you feel like you are living in the future.

Anatomy 4D

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Image via Google Play

Image via Google Play

The Anatomy 4D app makes it possible for people to learn about human anatomy without getting their hands dirty or, even more appalling, spending money on med school.

You can find the information in this app in most anatomy books. A book, however, will not give you the futuristic experience of looking at human organs from multiple angles.

Whether you want to learn about anatomy because you’re just curious or because you want to build a brain-wave analyzer, this is a great place to start.

Star Walk


Image via Google Play

People often look to the stars when they think about the future. It seems entirely possible that one day, there will be humans living extraterrestrial lives.

Unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to actually see the stars when you’re standing near a bright, smoggy city.

Star Walk makes the future look bright again by adding augmented reality to the sky.

With Star Walk, you point your phone at the sky to see what the stars look like in clear conditions. The app also gives you plenty of information about stars, planets, and constellations. It will even draw out constellation shapes to help you see why ancient stargazers gave them their names.

This is one of those apps for which you want a smartphone with a large and fast processor to enhance your experience. A powerful device like the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge will load the app’s information quickly, and its large HD display will give you a fantastic view.

Google Translate

Shouldn’t humans have universal translators by now? They’re all over the Star Trek movies, so you’d think some super-nerd would have built one.

The closest you can currently get is Google Translate. Truth be told, it is pretty impressive even if it can’t translate Klingon into English. It can, however, translate text into 90 languages and speech into 40 languages.

It’s hard to describe how cool this app is. It’s pretty amazing when you hold your smartphone up to a sign (written in a language you don’t know) and you see that sign in English within seconds on your phone. It’s even more amazing when the app translates one spoken language to another.

Give it a few years. Google will add Klingon eventually.


The Augment app was made for marketers who want to see what two-dimensional designs will look like in the real world. Let’s say that you are designing a new package for a dishwashing detergent. You want to make sure the product will look attractive on the shelf, so you use Augment to convert your printed design to a three-dimensional one and place it on a shelf as it appears on your phone in real time.

The app’s ability to render images in 3D makes it much better than just Photoshopping the design into a picture of the shelf.

Marketers aren’t the only people who can use this futuristic app. If you want to know what a certain couch would look like in your living room, snap some real or printed couch pictures, then render them into your phone’s image of your living room. You can do this with practically anything, including clothes, decorations, and even buildings.


Sorry, but nothing is going to make your car fly. At least not in a safe, legal way. Also, don’t expect anyone to release a Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor anytime soon. It just isn’t going to happen.

You can still make your driving experience feel more futuristic by using the iOnRoad app. This app uses your smartphone’s camera, GPS, and sensors to keep you safer on the road. Mounted in your car, it can tell you how far away other cars are, warn you of possible collisions, and tell you how fast cars are moving.

When it comes to augmented reality apps, this is probably one of the most useful ones. Plus, the graphics are cool.

Real science might not have kept up with science-fiction, but smartphones can still do pretty interesting things. When you feel that movies like Back to the Future lied to you, pull out one of these apps and feel thankful for how far technology has come.

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