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Top Appliances and Gadgets to Have in Your “Smart Home”

In 1999, Disney released a movie called “Smart House,” in which a teenager wins a fully automated dream house in a competition. The computerized house is manned by a cyborg maid that handles all of the cooking and cleaning with the touch of a button. The movie dramatized a lot of elements, and at the time, the technology seemed unbelievably ... Read More »

EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard: An Efficient Data Recovery Software

Losing your precious data these days is one of the most common and feared mishaps we get to face these days, even though a lot of people prefer creating several back ups, some people just don’t like it for the sake of the space that goes away, specially when you are running low on space. Optical disks are another viable ... Read More »

Galaxy Note 10.1 Makes Big Splash in the Tablet Market


Tablet prices are going down, down, down but there’s always going to be a market for higher-price niche devices. Why? Market intelligence firm IDC has predicted tablets will outsell desktops and laptops in 2015, and that means a diverse customer base will be buying. There will always be a strong market for budget tablets but that doesn’t mean devices like ... Read More »

PubPoolr: A Startup Advertising Solution


Today’s post is an interview with a new startup, PubPoolr, specifically targeted towards small and medium publishers and bloggers who are just starting out in the arena of blogging and online content development. The team at Lost in Technology got the chance to speak with Director of Business Development – Scott Merritt on this project and dug out some interesting ... Read More »

Lenovo Vibe Z K910 Review


The Lenovo Vibe X has a fantastic and nice design with a very good screen in comparison to the K900. Despite the relatively high price the Lenovo is not meant to be a replacement of K900 in the tablet market. Lenovo Vibe Z is a replacement not for a tablet but a phablet that sports a screen size of 5.5 inches, ... Read More »

Why Developers Choose iOS Over Android and Why that Needs to Change?

Why developers choose iOS over Android and why that needs to change!

Android just hit 1 billion users mark with the launch of Android KitKat. It is clearly chasing rainbows with their high popularity and variety of devices. Apple on the other hand has been very steady and have managed to sell 700 million iOS devices so far and are still continuing to do reasonably well in the smartphones market. But one ... Read More »

The Best and Easiest To Use Totally Free Mobile Learning Apps

the best and easiest mobile learning apps

When we use mobile phones or portable devices for education we call it ‘mlearning’.  This basically means ‘mobile learning’, learning with technology that can be taken with you.  It could be learning on your phone, notebook, tablet or any mobile device. Mlearning can be used in many different ways.  Reading a book on your phone could be considered mlearning.  Scheduling ... Read More »

Top Five Christmas Apps For iPhone

Top 5 Christmas App

The Christmas season has always been overwhelming and exciting for millions of people across the globe. People get together and head over to shopping malls to invest in merchandise, presents and much more. All this interaction creates a sense of good hope among people and they very much love to spend time with their families. Now, with Christmas right around ... Read More »

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