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Marcus Jensen is an IT professional. He is an Editor-in-Chief of Technivorz blog, and writes about technology, business and marketing.

Multi-Level Marketing Ransomware Scheme… Yes, It Exists!


An innovative system to increase ransomware activities has recently been discovered. Earlier this month, a new ransomware variant was noticed and it appeared to be offering a pyramid scheme-style discount, eventually turning its victims into attackers. Namely, Popcorn Time has been discovered by the MalwareHunterTeam. It works just like any other malware, by infecting and encrypting a computer’s drive and locking ...

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Personal Cloud Setup: Self-Hosted Solutions

Personal cloud

New, personal clouds in the digital sky have created a perfect storm for information to float around and cover great distances. The amount of data on the internet is mind-boggling and our appetite for it insatiable. Although technology advances at a rapid pace, we are still dependent on HDDs. We also produce more private data than ever before, and sooner ...

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