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Director of News, Reviews and How To's at GEEKERSMagazine.com - A blog for Geeks to share their passion, whatever that may be. I am a website investor interested in website design, online marketing and making money online. I have a keen interest in working with and helping people achieve their goals and objectives. A positive view on life and like to create new opportunities.

Lost in Technology Video


A funny video about Lost in Technology – How true is this? Are we really lost in technology or are we more engaged with the big wide world and less engage with those close by. Are we creating a whole new world of exciting opportunities that we do not know are coming. Creating new technologies to help make our life much ...

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How to Choose a Great Brand Name for Your Online Business

brand name

Choosing a brand name for a new online business can be one of the hardest things in the world. For one, the best brand names and URLs are already taken – and they were taken 10-15 years ago. So if you are going to get a brand name that is instantly recognizable and something people are familiar with, that would be very difficult indeed. ...

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5 Apps that Transport you to the Future


We provide the features of 5 Apps that will Transport you to the Future and they all listed here in lostintechnology.com. 5 Apps that Transport you to the Future Back to the Future made a lot of promises that scientists couldn’t keep. No, you still can’t buy a hoverboard. You can’t even rehydrate a pizza in seconds. Despite these and other ...

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