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Backup & Restore Drivers on Windows 7/ Windows 8

slim drivers drivers backupWith Windows 8 release date closing in, most of you must be looking forward to install/upgrade Windows 8 on your desktops and laptops. While doing a Windows reinstall or upgrade we always take a backup of our important files on a removable hard drive to that we don’t loose them in the process.

What we often miss are the system device drivers. We connect so many devices to our computer for different purpose, and each of them requires a specific set of drivers to function. When you install Windows 8 you will have to manually install these drivers one by one in order to connect the devices to the computer.

To ease the task, you can use SlimDrivers from Slimware Utilities to take a full backup of your driver and then restore them in Windows 8 without breaking a sweat.

Backing up Drivers

1. Download and install SlimDrivers on your computer when you want to take the backup. Installing SlimDrivers is easy enough. Just run the setup and follow the on screen instruction.

2. After you install the program, run it with administrative privileges. The main screen of the program would prompt you to do a driver update check and if you are looking forward to update your drivers, SlimDrivers can help you with that as well.

updte drivers drivers backup

3. To start the backup process, click on the backup button on the top. This will open the program backup module where in you will see all the devices that are installed on your computer. Check all the drivers you want to update here and click on the Backup To button.

backup drivers drivers backup

4. You will now be asked to choose a directory where you would like to create the backup. Please note that you should select the directory which will not be formatted while you upgrade your Windows. The best option here would be to use a removable drive.

backup process drivers backup

5. Having done all that, you can click on the backup button to start the backup process. The program will back up all the drivers to a separate folder.

Restoring Drivers

After you have updated Windows and you are looking forward to restore the drivers, you will have to install and run SlimDrivers with admin privileges. To restore drivers, click on the Restore button at the top and give the path to the folder where you created the driver backup using the Restore from button.

restore drivers drivers backup

The app will read the drivers, and you can select the one you would like to restore and click on the Restore button. Simple and easy!


So that was how you can easily backup and restore drivers from Windows 7 to Windows 8. One thing you should not here is, Windows 8 comes with a lot up updated drivers itself, and thus you must only stick to the ones which are not installed by default with the operating system like printers, smartphones, etc.

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