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Can I Get By with a Basic GoPro?

After the explosion in popularity of the signature extreme sports videos recorded by the GoPro, it seems like everyone wants a piece of GoPro glory for their very own.

The manufacturer has responded by releasing a full line of camera equipment compatible with its system of mounts and accessories, and from the top of the line GoPro Hero 4 Black to the entry level Hero, and Harvey Norman has the most in-demand models of this popular camera. While the specs of the higher end models may seem impressive, the more affordable models have plenty to offer those who just want what a GoPro camera brings to the table.

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Basic Option: Hero

At less than $200, the Hero brings the characteristic features of the GoPro line such as a rugged design built for water resistance and the ability to capture 1080p high definition video at 30 frames per second and 5 megapixel still shots. It may lack the LCD viewfinder screen and native WiFi connectivity of other models in the line, so shooting is somewhat more involved and transfer of images must be done via USB cable for sharing, but its relatively low cost makes it an outstanding option for casual users.

Amateur Upgrade: Hero+ LCD

The Hero+ LCD is a slightly more feature robust option than the base model Hero, adding a few convenient features that make it an ideal choice for those who use their GoPro cameras more frequently. The touchscreen viewfinder allows preview of shooting perspective as well as photo and video editing capabilities directly from the camera, and outpaces the entry level Hero by recording 1080p video at 60fps and 8MP still images. The Hero+ LCD also has Wi-Fi functionality for instant uploading of images and video, and its simplified shooting modes make capturing the perfect shot easier than ever before.

Pro Level Pick: Hero4 Silver

While the flagship Hero4 Black is the most spec-heavy camera in the line, the standard LCD screen and comparable performance of the more affordable Hero4 Silver makes it the premium choice for those looking for a top flight GoPro experience. The Hero4 Silver records 4K quality video, rivaling the finest commercially available camera equipment, and also captures standard HD 720p video at 120fps to enable crystal clear slow motion capture. For all but the most dedicated professionals, the Hero4 Silver delivers the best combination of performance and value for those who demand the best.


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