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Benefits of Using Software Deployment Tools

Benefits of Using Software Deployment Tools

Software deployment tools are often viewed as special software products that help network administrators manage local networks inside the companies of various sizes. All in all, these programs install new applications and reveal all other programs installed on the machines inside the network. These two options are really able to ease the life of any network administrator as he doesn’t have to put new working stations into operation manually. In addition, software deployment tools are able to detect and reveal all potentially dangerous software or outdated software product versions in the local network.

Today, we’re going to discuss some essential aspects of using such programs in corporate network management.

Why Automated Software Deployment May Scare Your Network Administrator

If you work in a company and your task is to manage a corporate network, you may do your job either manually or use some automated tools to help you do your work effectively. Some companies even have special deployment teams that install and update software inside the network.

Using software deployment tools is quite popular nowadays: you may hardly find an enterprise where network administrators don’t use such automated tools. However, not all administrators are really happy to do this. Some of them complain that automated deployment may last forever and that it steals time from other important tasks. Other administrators even don’t know where to start with as the deployment process has loads of moving parts. Finally, some heads of IT departments complain that automated software deployment prevents their developers from doing their main job as they constantly write scripts to copy files across the network.

Of course, all these facts may become strong reasons not to use software that deploys applications automatically. Nevertheless, installing and managing software manually is quite ineffective too. So once you’ve decided to use deploy software like this, you should clearly understand what benefits you’re going to get from using such software products.

Main Benefits of Using Software Deployment Tools

The main reasons why you actually need automated deployment tools are the following:

  • You can avoid making mistakes while deploying your software automatically;
  • Anyone in the team may be able to do this;
  • Software deployment doesn’t take your attention away from more important tasks;
  • Installing software to new devices isn’t a problem anymore;
  • It provides proper monitoring and increases software safety.

Let’s discuss these main benefits in detail.

Benefit 1: You may avoid making loads of mistakes while deploying your software automatically

When you ask a person to do some kind of a job for you, be aware that he may make some mistakes. Making mistakes is quite natural for people, and you can’t do anything about it. Network administrators often miss some important steps, fail to spot errors or use incorrect versions. All of these things may really affect your company’s work and, finally, influence your revenue.

Automated software deployment tools are less error-prone. They don’t suffer from variability: once configured, the process will be repeated as many times as you need it.

Benefit 2: Anyone in the team may be able to do this

Using automated deployment tools gives a certain freedom from your staff. If you are the head of the IT department, you often have a certain person or group of people to do this job. However, sometimes people fall ill or are absent from their workplace for whatever reason. In this case, you have to find somebody else to do this job, and this person may not do this job quickly as he may lack certain knowledge and skills.

When you use automated deployment tools, you keep the knowledge of how to deploy certain programs inside the system, and anyone can initiate the deployment process by pressing the ‘Deploy’ button.

Benefit 3: Software Deployment doesn’t take your attention away from more important tasks

When you install software manually, you should pay attention to performing and validating. It’s quite a tiresome and dull process. If you are willing to ease the life of your network administrators in some way, you may supply them with automated deployment software. The main benefit of such programs is that they initiate the deployment process in seconds, and validation is done invisibly to the team. Your network administrators will only have to do something if there are problems with certain software.

Benefit 4: Installing software to new devices isn’t a problem anymore

Software deployment configuration can be easily modified: you can configure the target environments and computers while deploying software to new devices.

Benefit 5: It provides proper monitoring and increases software safety

Using automated software deployment tools is able to give you an opportunity to monitor your network effectively. For instance, you’ll be able to detect all malicious or dated software in time and replace it with a more reliable one in time. This way, you’ll also increase safety in your local network.


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