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How to Block and Unblock People on Facebook

facebook block unblock facebookIt’s an unsafe world, and with all your personal data on websites like Facebook it becomes even more unsafe. Well, my point is not to scare you or criticize Facebook, but it can be really annoying sometimes when a person is stalking you on Facebook or messaging you repeatedly.

We have already seen how to unfriend people you are no longer in touch with but that will not help you in this kind of situations. So today we will see how to block and unblock people on Facebook.

Blocking a Person

To block a person on Facebook, search for him/her and open the profile page. On the person’s profile page click on the small gear button on the top right just below the cover image to open a pull-down menu. In the menu, click on the link Report/Block.

block the person block unblock facebook

A pop up frame will now open up. Here, select the option block the person and confirm. The person will then be blocked for you on Facebook and he will not be able to see your profile page and any of the activity even if you make it a public update.

confirm blocking block unblock facebook

Moreover, neither the person will be able to find you on Facebook’s search result, nor you will be able to do the same. So both of you will no more know of each other existence on Facebook.

That was how your block a person but if at all your state of mind changes in the future, and you would like to unblock the person. Here’s how it can be done.

Unblocking a Person

To unblock a blocked contact on Facebook you have blocked before, open your Facebook privacy settings page. Scroll down the privacy settings page and click on the link Manage Blocking next to the section Blocked People and Apps to open the manage blocking page.

privacy page facebook block unblock facebook

On the page, you will see the list of all the persons you have blocked till date on Facebook under the Block users section. Click on the link Unblock next to the name of the person you would like to unblock and click on the Confirm button on the popup frame.

unblock facebook contact block unblock facebook

cinfirm unblock block unblock facebook


That’s all, you now know how to block and unblock people on Facebook. Well, it’s not tough to do the task, but it’s annoying to dig deep into the settings to find the option. However, that’s why we are here for you.

So next time someone is stalking you on Facebook, you know how to deal with the situation.

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