Tuesday , 17 February 2015
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Comment Faster with EasyComment

comment ss

As a blogger, I try to comment frequently at the blogs I like and on any great articles I stumble across.  However, I don’t always leave comments, and the main reason behind it is the fact that I don’t want to fill out those three pesky fields again (name, email and website).  I know, I know.  I’m lazy, but Firefox made me lazy by always remembering my login on all the websites I go to.  I want the same functionality for commenting to speed things up.

EasyComment is a FireFox plugin that does just that.  Click a small button on your status bar and all of the fields are filled out completely.  This plugin has increased my commenting frequency by at least two-fold.


Just follow the link and install the FireFox plugin.  Once the plugin is installed, just fill out your preferences, and you’re done.

easycomment preferences

All you have to do now is click the little EasyComment button on your status bar to quickly fill out those fields.


EasyComment is a great plugin that provides a tool I use everyday.  The only complaint I have is when someone has a weird comment form, EasyComment doesn’t work properly.  The good thing is that most people use the default comment forms.  Let the commenting begin!


  1. That’s great! I can’t believe I just typed in all my details, I should have just used that!

  2. Hello my buddy,

    with this comment I’m testing the Release Candidate of easyComment Firefox Extension Version 1.1
    (more at http://blog.bf-itservice.de/82/easycomment-firefox-extension) which will have a bunch of interesting new features:

    – Multiple Profiles for commenting, easy switching
    – It supports every Blog I have tested so far, including yours, DISQUS and IntenseDebate ;-)
    – Language mutation of message and url
    – incredibly easy to use :-)

    Now that you’re eagerly waiting: It will be released during this week when I manage to upload it to addons.mozilla.org.

    Best Regards,

  3. amazing ! ,
    no need to write all details again and again ,
    1 of d best firefox addon but i wonder why is it still experimental add-on.
    thx for sharing .

  4. Great extension, commenting is so easy, and the latest version is compatible with Firefox new version.

  5. cool , its just like autofill form , will check it out now
    Thanks for sharing cool tip

  6. I have just added easycomment addon and it is so easy to comment. Why did’nt I find it before

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