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Control When Your Computer Goes To Sleep with Caffeine

Nowadays people are more concerned about energy saving than they were ever before. People follow Earth Hours to save energy. You might even be surprised to know about a service called Blackle which opens a Google search page for you but a blackened background just to save energy. At the time of writing this article, the service has already saved around 3,836,400 Watt hours. So with all these practices around, wouldn’t it be rude to keep my PC turned on for the whole night just so that my download would be finished before I wake up ion the morning?

caffeine for computers Control When Your Computer Goes To Sleep with Caffeine

Caffeine for Windows

Just like me, if it’s time for you to hit the sack but the download that you started few hours ago still needs another 3 hours to complete, caffeine can be very helpful for you and your energy bills. We usually configure our laptops power settings to keep screen and process awake the entire time even when there’s no need of. This little tool can help you keep your PC awake for desired amount of time by stimulating key stokes every 59 seconds and once the time period is over. The software will fool the computer to believe that you are still sitting in front of your system even when you are not.

caffeine Control When Your Computer Goes To Sleep with Caffeine

To use caffeine first make sure that your computer is set to power saver mode, or at least it is set to go to sleep after certain amount of inactivity. Having done that, download the tool on your computer as a zip file and and run the executable (EXE) file contained inside. The tool will start minimized in the Windows system tray. The program offers command line handling for better control, but most of us always prefer the GUI over the former.

caffeine settings Control When Your Computer Goes To Sleep with Caffeine

If you want to keep your computer active for ever, just check on the Active option on the tool. However to make the most of the app, just select the amount of time you want to wake up your PC and leave the rest on the tool.


Personally speaking, the app is a must have on every computer. Even small energy saving from each computer around the globe can really make a difference. And the app is free to use. So why not think about our mother earth today and use Caffeine today.

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