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How To Create An iOS Themed New Tab Page In Google Chrome

There are many people out there who can’t stand Apple and it’s products (including iPad, iPhone, and the iOS etc), but even the staunchest of critics admit to have a spot spot for the iOS and it’s design interface. This is true in particular, with the release of the iOS 7, which is a major improvement in aesthetics and seamless design.

For those who are using Windows and would like to get a small taste of how an iOS 7 design looks like, there is a plugin that will let your transform your Google Chrome ‘New Tab Page’ in to a fantastic looking iOS 7 theme. The plugin for Google Chrome is called iOS 7 New Tab Page.

‘iOS 7 New Tab Page’ Google Chrome Plugin

If you compare the design interface of iOS 7 to that of the previous version, the iOS 6, you will notice that there’s been a massive shift in overall aesthetics and how everything seems much crisper and clearer. The Chrome Plugin, iOS 7 New Tab Page, does a brilliant job in replicating the whole iOS 7 theme into your browser’s main page. For some, the interface might even fool them into beliveing they’re using an iPad or an iPhone!

Google Chrome iOS 7 New Tab Page Google Chrome

So once you’ve installed and activated the plugin, you’ll see an immediate overhaul of your Chrome New Tab Page. For navigation, you can move around different apps the same you do on an iPhone or an iPad. You can click and drag with your mouse and move the icons in an horizontal direction. If you’re working on touchscreen based device or an OS (like Windows 8), you’ll have a much real-like iOS 7 experience.

The apps are all updated and rich enough to keep you entertained for a while. The plugin will let you put your favourite websites as icons. In terms of social media icons, the plugin comes with pre-defined apps for different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Instagram etc.

Google Chrome iOS 7 New Tab Page Google Chrome

If you require to edit an app icon, the process is the same as with when you’re editing an icon on an iOS device. Simple click and hold the mouse button while selecting an icon, and you’ll get the option to remove the app permanently. In addition to deleting apps, you can also re-organize icons according to your liking.

The plugin also lets you customize a lot of options including changing the background wallpaper, or creating custom apps with their own title, URL, and icons. You can have access to all of this using the settings menu by clicking on the ‘Settings’ option on your dock.

To download the iOS 7 New Tab Page plugin, follow the link at the Chrome Web store.

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