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Extend Your Gingerbread Android Battery Life with Green Power

Extend Your Gingerbread Android Battery Life with Green PowerA few days ago, I moved to using Gingerbread on my Android phone, and the feeling is just great. The slick UI effects are a vast improvement over Froyo and some new visual styles have come up as well. Overall, Gingerbread is here to rock.

However, the main problem with Gingerbread is that it lacks support for many apps. Some of them have not been released for Gingerbread yet and others do not plan to release anytime soon. A primary app for use on an Android phone is a battery saver. Juice Defender is undoubtedly the most developed and functional app for this. It has been around for a while and has improved vastly over time. However, its lack of Gingerbread support has been a setback for me, so I went on this hunt to find a decent Juice Defender alternative and came across the app Green Power.

Green Power lacks considerably in options that Juice Defender provides. However, for basic battery saving, it does the job and does it well. In this post, we will see how to install and use the Green Power app.

Installing Green Power

First, go to the Android Market on your phone. Make a search for Green Power and install the app that turns up as Green Power Free. Here, you can see the app as installed on my phone.
green-power Extend Your Gingerbread Android Battery Life with Green Power
The first run of Green Power will show a screen like this.
green-power-main Extend Your Gingerbread Android Battery Life with Green Power
The app is pretty simple and has two running modes. A day mode operates during the day and the night mode is locked and available only in the premium version. In essence, the night mode operates assuming you are sleeping and holds your data connection until when you wake up in the morning. The day mode does just fine.

Configuring Green Power

Configuring Green power is easy whether you have used Juice Defender earlier or not. Now, we go into day mode settings to check our available options.
green-power-day-mode Extend Your Gingerbread Android Battery Life with Green Power
There are options to toggle the wireless data when the screen is turned on. This can help us keep the Internet data connection alive in case of critical activities. Another extremely helpful option that I came across is the ability to keep data connection on while the phone is on USB power. This is a lifesaver in some situations.

Wireless off duration is the time for which your data connection is OFF and the converse for Wireless on duration. If you set the Wireless off to 30 minutes and Wireless on to 1 minute, your data connection will be enabled for 1 minute in every 30 minute cycle.


I still miss some features in this app. There is no indicator of the battery saving this app is doing, so there is no way of knowing if it performs better than Juice Defender. However, it has increased my battery life on Gingerbread as well as Juice Defender does in Froyo. I recommend using this app for Gingerbread users and urge other users to give it a try as well.

(By) Chinmoy Kanjilal is a technology, web2.0 and Linux enthusiast and evangelist. He has an in depth knowledge of working of Softwares, Operating Systems, Hardwares and Computer Networks. Blogging is his favourite pasttime. He blogs primarily at Techarraz. You can find him on Twitter @chinmoykanjilal.

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