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How To Clean Up iTunes

broom How To Clean Up iTunesiTunes has become a software that can be found on just about each and every computer. There are many reasons responsible for iTunes becoming very popular in every part of the world, but every great thing surely has few issues of concern. The main difficulty within iTunes is keeping all of your songs and albums cleaned and organized.

What does it really mean to organize your music files? Over time, our music libraries fill up with duplicate songs, mislabeled and misidentified songs.  Below are a few tools which will help you take care of these problems easily and efficiently.

How To Clean Misidentified and Mislabeled Music Files

K-werkx has come up with a wonderful program called Front End Convert Drop which will help you to solve your problem of mislabeled and misidentified music files.

Front End Convert Drop does not work on all the music files stored on your computer; it simply performs all its operations on the iTunes XML file. iTunes XML files are actually a file which contains all the details of your music files which include the title of the song, artist and genre details.

All you need to do is drag this XML file on to the interface of the Front End Convert Drop. This will extract the information about all the music files from the CD Database (CDDB). Once you do that, it rewrites all the tags and presents you with all the newly and correctly edited file details.

Once it edits all the tags with the best possible guess, it places an asterisk “ * ” symbol, which indicates that it has altered the details of that particular music file, and you can remove the asterisk symbol to confirm the change.

Download K-Werkx

How To Eliminate Duplicate Files from iTunes

Another great software, Dupe Eliminator, will help you clean out all of the duplicate media files stored in your computer. Using this software is so easy and simple. Its wide user interface displays all the options to you so that you can quickly find the option you need.

You can select preferences for what the program looks for duplicate files like media files with the same names or same bit rate or many other criteria. Once you are done with the preferences, you can ask the software to start its search and within no time it will display the duplicate media files.  You can either delete them permanently or dump them in your recycle bin.

Within just a few minutes, you can clean all the duplicate media files from your system. This not only saves lots of time but also frees up some hard disk space.

Download Dupe Eliminator

Using these tools will prove to be a great help while cleaning your iTunes. Try it, save your time and resources. Enjoy your music!

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