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How to Encrypt and Password Protect Firefox Bookmarks

Recently, we covered an article on ways to manage secrecy and privacy on Firefox. It provides us options to create multiple profiles and also speaks on how to set up a master password. Beyond the two tier protection, you may also want to protect your set of bookmarks.

This article will demonstrate how to use a Firefox extension; Link Password, to encrypt and password secure your saved bookmarks.

What is Link Password?

Link Password is an add-on for Firefox and a password protection system for bookmarks and links. It helps us create secret links to websites that no one else will be able to follow. One, because they have a password protection. Two, because they are encrypted.

Follow the link to add to your browser.

How to Use Link Password?

Once you have installed Link Password, protecting your bookmarks is simple. Hover on your address bar, and you will be able to see a small bug like icon near the bookmarks star.

Click on this icon and your current link address gets encrypted. It also asks for a password. Now, you may just leave your browser open and walk away; no one will be able to access it without the password. It’s difficult to track from the history, because it appears encrypted.

In order to protect a bookmark, right click on it to see an option called “Encrypt this link”. It can also be applied to a folder of bookmarks. In that case, all the bookmarks get encrypted and password protected. Doing one at a time lets you have different passwords.

To remove the protection, choose the Decrypt option in the same manner. For every link that you try to secure, you will be asked to double confirm your password.

Every other time that you try to open the link, you will be displayed a page saying “This page is password protected” and then you will need to enter your password to unlock it.

Another interesting option is to check “Rename Links” while setting the password. This gives strange names to your encrypted links and makes it difficult for a passer by to understand.

The best part is that nobody can access your links even if they uninstall the extension. They still remain encrypted. To get them back, just re-install the add-on and follow the Decrypt option.


I consider this a good choice, because it gives me a handy and quick way to encrypt my links, tabs and bookmarks. You may look at it as a simple protection tool or an extra safe over the existing ones.

(By) Sandeep Agarwal is an engineer and tech fanatic who has a lot of appetite to explore hidden difficulties in technology drift. He loves to explore and devise the latest software and technologies.

Image By Zarko Drincic

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