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How To Get Listed on Wikipedia

encyclopedia How To Get Listed on WikipediaFor anyone that doesn’t know, Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that covers just about every topic you can think of. Unlike previous encyclopedias that were maintained by paid teams of professional researchers, Wikipedia relies solely on a massive worldwide community of volunteers.

Because of this, creditability and readership used to be an area of concern. But in the past few years, it is estimated that traffic has risen by about 170%, and they’ve been cited as a source for many publications.

An important source of this traffic growth has stemmed from the fact that Google seems to hold Wikipedia in very high esteem and ranks its pages very well for a number of valuable keywords.  If you can get your company listed on just a few Wikipedia pages, it can drive a noticeable amount of traffic to your web site.

However there is more to it than just submitting a link and profile!

Credibility and References

The greatest challenge faced by Wikipedia relates to its public image as a reputable source for information. In order to preserve and cultivate a good reputation, they have to maintain high standards in deciding who gets accepted or rejected. At the very least, you must make sure that your site is NOTEABLE.

Please keep in mind that notability is very different from fame or importance. By Wikipedia’s own standards, a topic is generally considered notable if it has been featured in an authoritative publication that is independent of the topic source. And most of all, this citation must be referenceable.

Not all web sites or publications are considered authoritative, reliable or important to the Wikipedia editors. That’s why it’s a good idea to attempt a PR campaign before submitting your profile. Send a few press releases through the newswires, put together a publicity stunt, or ask a local newspaper to interview you on a slow news day.

This way, you’ll maximize your chances of being accepted.

Avoid A Hard Sales Pitch

Wikipedia articles are written from a neutral point of view, and they’re meant to be free of any sales pitches or strong opinions. If your submitted content is too pushy or opinionated, your page might get flagged for review or even deletion.

Wikipedia is not in favor of sales pitches. The purpose of the online encyclopedia is to inform those that are looking for information. So write up the content with ‘neutralness’ in mind!

When To Create A New Wikipedia Page

There are so many Wikipedia pages to date that it may seem as though almost every topic has been covered.

But rest assured… The world is constantly changing and new trends are always evolving. Find your niche on Wikipedia, and think about out how your products or services fit into their ecosystem. Or better yet, start a trend of your own and let others follow.

If you make yourself noteworthy, Wikipedia will gladly help you enhance your credibility and drive new traffic.

This was a guest post by Storagepipe Solutions. Storagepipe Solutions has been recognized by Wikipedia for their work in the field of data protection. The company provides email archiving and server backup solutions for enterprises of all sizes.

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