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How To Make Your WordPress.com Blog Stand Out

How To Make Your WordPress.com Blog Stand Out

Blogging is a very popular medium for expressing thoughts, opinions and anything else you want to post about.  There are millions of blogs out there each with a number of topics. It takes less than five minutes to create a blog and is free in most cases.  There are a number of blogging platforms who let you blog for free. Blogger by Google and WordPress.com by Automattic are two of the most popular blog providers you can try.

For plenty of reasons, people support WordPress. You can install WordPress on your own hosting or register for a free one over at WordPress.com. With your free WordPress.com account, you get access to a bunch of professional-looking, gorgeous themes to add. Although you are restricted to certain changes to your blog, you can still make your blog look professional and stand out.

Today, I’m going to tell you how to make your WordPress.com blog really stand out.

Find an Awesome Theme

In the first few years, WordPress.com didn’t have very many nice themes in its gallery. For technical reasons, it won’t let you upload your own themes. However, over the past year, WordPress.com has enriched its theme gallery with lots of amazing themes suitable for different types of blogs.

How To Make Your WordPress.com Blog Stand Out

WordPress.com has a dedicated theme team working on building new themes, so you can expect more amazing themes with customizable features soon. To make your blog look better, pick a theme that allows you to upload a custom header image, custom background image and post images.  Images are very important to making your blog stand out, so you want to make sure you are able to add them to several different places on your blog.

Embed Media When Necessary

The professionalism of your blog depends on your content as well. If you have a gorgeous styled blog with poorly formatted content, your visitors will not be impressed enough to come back or subscribe. Many bloggers simply don’t know that they can embed most of the media they come across online on their WordPress.com blogs very easily. If you come across an interesting video that you want to share with your readers, simply embed it on your post so that readers won’t have to leave you blog to watch the video.  Here’s a quick guide on how do embed YouTube videos on WordPress.com.

Basically, embedding media means putting a media file such as audio or video inside your blog post. As you know, YouTube is the most popular video sharing website. You can put YouTube videos right into your blog post so that your readers won’t have to leave your site and go to YouTube to watch the video. Inserting the video inside your blog post is what technically called embedding videos. You don’t have to upload any video. You just simply insert it on your blog from YouTube.

How To Make Your WordPress.com Blog Stand Out
A YouTube video embedded in a WordPress.com blog post.

However, if you plan to spend some money, you can upgrade your space to upload mp3 audio files to your WordPress.com blog. Moreover, you can buy Automattic’s VideoPress for uploading your own videos to your blog (no third-party site such as YouTube).

Customize Widgets

Under your Appearance menu, you will find Widgets. Widgets make your blog look better. You can add almost anything to widgets. Most themes support one or two sidebar widgets. Some also support widgets in the footer. You can add a few lines of text, an RSS feed from any site you like, a logo, or simply your gravatar image to show off who you are!

Add Custom Domain Name

This is the first thing that can impress a visitor. Your blog URL is what your readers will keep in mind. If you can buy a custom domain name for your blog, you can pay a very little amount of money to map it with your wordpress.com blog. The result will be huge. The wordpress.com part from your blog’s URL will be replaced by your domain name.

How To Make Your WordPress.com Blog Stand Out

Buy a domain name from your favorite registrar and map it with your wordpress.com account to get a professional touch. If you already have a domain name, you can still map it with WordPress.com.


WordPress.com makes it easy to set up a free blog, and with the few tips above, you’ll be sure to have a WordPress.com blog that stands out.

(By) Aminul Islam Sajib is a passionate technology blogger and newspaper journalist. He provided WordPress related services and writes entries on his personal blog. You can follow him on Twitter.

Image by Nikolay Bachiyski

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