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How to Quickly Sum Columns in Microsoft Excel 2007 Using AutoSum

One of the great things about Microsoft Excel is the fact that there are always multiple ways to do just about everything. Today, I’m going to show you a shortcut you can use to quickly sum columns in Excel.

First, you want to make sure that your column of numbers has no blank spaces in it. The blank spaces will throw off the shortcut.

autosum excel autosum excel
Now, click on the cell below the last number in the column.

excel highlighted cell autosum excel
Once this cell is highlighted, you need to click the AutoSum button on the very right side of the Home ribbon in Excel.

excel autosum button autosum excel
This will automatically put in the equation to sum the column. All you need to do now is hit enter.

excel after autosum autosum excel
The AutoSum button can also be used to automatically find the average, min, max, or count of the column of numbers. Just open up the drop down menu on the AutoSum button and pick the one you need.

excel autosum drop down autosum excel

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