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How To Run Windows on iPad

how to run windows on ipad How To Run Windows on iPadGiven the rise in popularity of the iPad, it is not a surprise that there is also a strong interest by users in running the Windows operating system (OS) on this tablet. Here are some tips on how to run Windows on the iPad.

Difference Between Running Windows on iPad and on Mac

Back in September 2010, we reviewed how to run Windows on a Mac. On the Mac OS X, you have 3 options to run Windows:

  1. booting your Mac into the Windows OS
  2. running Windows on a virtual machine
  3. running Windows programs without the Windows OS using the versions available from CodeWeavers CrossOver

For the iPad, you only have one option available to run Windows: using a virtual machine. Here is a review of 3 virtual machines to run Windows on the iPad.

VMware View for iPad

VMware View for iPad Free How To Run Windows on iPadThe VMware View for iPad allows you to remotely access your Windows PC from the iPad.  This app is available for free at iTunes. According to its developers, the VMware View Client for iPad empowers you to access your Windows virtual desktop from your iPad with the best possible user experience on the Local Area Network (LAN) or across a Wide Area Network (WAN).

An important caveat about VMware View is that it will require you to work in conjunction with your IT department in order to make it fully functional.

Among the advantages of using VMware Client are:

  • Support of a well established software developer, VMmare.
  • Use of a superior display protocol (PC-over-IP, or PCoIP) to provider a more responsive and flexible user experience
  • Easy navigation of the Windows environment through efficient use of the iPad’s touch system.
  • Innovative use of an on-screen keyboard to input text.

Among the disadvantages of using VMware Client are:

  • Due to the use of a virtual machine, the printing is problematic and not reliable.
  • Using the Windows scroll bars on the iPad takes some time to master.
  • Even though it is possible to input text using the virtual keyboard or using a compatible Mac keyboard, this app is suited for handling and consuming data rather than inputing text.

WYSE Pocketcloud

wyse pocketcloud ipad app How To Run Windows on iPadThe WYSE Pocketcloud iPad app is an iPad app that is very similar to the VMware Client, however this one is not free and as of 6/11/11 costed $14.99. However, the developing company, WYSE Technology Inc. has come a long way from offering this app at $29.99 back in April 2010. Given the constant advancements in this app and the close to 3 decades of experience of the company, it is expected that the app’s price will continue to drop.

One of the main advantages of this iPad app is that this purchase allows you to use the app not only on the iPad but also on the iPod Touch and iPhone.

Parallels Mobile

parallels ipad How To Run Windows on iPadThis iPad app is free like VMware View and can be used also on the iPhone and the iPod Touch like the WYSE Pocketcloud. A good advantage of Parallels Mobile is that it requires less help of your IT department.

One problem with this app is that it does not support sound playback, and it has known issues of delayed video performance.

By Damian Davila, author on online marketing and Internet-related news. Follow him on Twitter at @idaconcpts.

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