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10 Apps To Track Your Lost smartphone

How to track lost smartphones through 10 best apps

As the topic suggests the importance of smartphones in everyone’s life, the users should relax and compose themselves because there are various apps available that can find their lost smartphones. There is need of understanding the importance of these apps as smartphones nowadays have become an important characteristic of everyone’s lifestyle. Considering the significance and recent scenario, one should observe and analyze the difference that has been created after the application of different technological apps. These 10 wonderful apps that answer How to track lost smartphones are discussed as follows:

How to track lost smartphones How to track lost smartphones


  1. Find My IPhone

As far as the importance of this app is concerned,   this app is quite suitable and effective for locating apple products or phones that have been lost. This app can find the lost phone on the app and it works in such a manner that it makes the phone ring and, as a result, the location of the phone could be found. There are some benefits that should be considered by the users as this app can remotely lock the phone and it also helps in removing data from the phone.

  1. Where’s My Droid

This is another exciting app that can deliver the desired results to various users as the phone location can easily be traced by means of using this app. This is very useful in tracking and finding android devices and through the help of this app because GPS could be connected to Google map and, as a result, the location of lost phone is found. This app can also make the phone ring if the device or smartphone is on the silent mode.

  1. Find My Phone (W8)

This app has been developed by Microsoft for the purpose of finding windows phone, this app actually works on the basis of web based control panel.  This app also helps in removing the data from the lost phone and it is beneficial in showing the location of the phone on the map.

  1. Lookout

When it comes to locating the IOS and android phones, this app provides the best results as it offers various benefits and features to the users.  This is because of the reason that lookout app helps in finding the location of phones on the map and at the same time theft defense or shield benefits of this app are quite result-oriented. In this manner, there is the likelihood that the security of smartphones could be improved to a considerable level.  There is another astonishing feature and that is known as a signal flare in which the last location of the phone is saved as the battery of smartphone becomes low.

  1. AntiDorid Theft

This is a very renowned app because it has been developed for the purpose of improving the security attribute of smartphones to a large extent. In reality, this app works on the assumption of applying the notion of global positioning system (GPS) that is helpful in locating the position of the phone. Moreover, the changes that are made on the SIM can also be identified by means of antidroid theft. Therefore, this app is quite useful and attractive for many users.

  1. Plan B

The importance of plan b app cannot be underestimated by any means; this is because of the reason that this app is assumed as the lifesaver. This app does not need installation as this app performs through the help of GPS and cell tower as well. This app also provides information the location of android on the Gmail inbox of the users.

  1. Android Lost

This is another fruitful app that should be considered by the users because through the help of android lost app users can remotely control the lost android phone from the website and SMS too. This app actually activates the alarm so that the missing phone could start ringing. This app also helps in removing the information from phone’s SD card.  The users are updated in case the SIM card of the phone is changed by means of sending an email to the users.

  1. Phone Locator

This is surely an exciting app that can deliver required deliverables and come up to the expectation of users. By the help of phone, locators are able to find and trace the location of their missing android phones in a sufficient manner. This app can be used by the help of just logging the Google account incorporated in your lost phone.  This app plays a crucial role in controlling the phone by means of SMS.

  1. SeekDroid Lite

This app is so much effective because of the fact that through the help of this app, users could find their lost phone throughout the world. Another amazing facility this app provides is the security of the data in such a manner that no unauthorized user can access the data of the phone. This app also enables the alarm in the phone and at the same time custom message is also sent. This app finds the lost or missing phone by means of using the website (seekdroid.com) and it can also use the facility of SMS.

  1. Mobile Tracker

There is no point of overlooking the importance of mobile tracker app, as this helps the users to find their missing phones in most difficult situations. The SMS service is used by this app in such a manner that whenever new SIM card is installed in place of old SIM card then SMS is sent automatically in case the phone is lost or missing. This app provides a whole range of advantages when all the numbers of family members of friends are installed in mobile tracker app.

Final Words

These all apps are useful and effective when it comes to finding the lost smartphones in the desired manner. In recent times, smartphones are being lost and stolen and, therefore, the importance of these apps is increasing day by day. This aspect should be taken into consideration that the whole world has become a global village and, as a result, communication is now much dependent on the use or application of smartphones. Therefore, users are recommended to attain awareness and knowledge about the use and application of these amazing apps.

Do you know anyother apps that should be on this list? Help us out improve this list and help people who lost their phones.

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