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How to Use Dev Eject to Eject Your USB Devices Safely

We’ve all used flash drives with our computer at one time or another. Plugging in a removable drive is easy, but one cannot just plug it out and walk away. Such action might corrupt the data and damage the hardware as well.

Of course, some basic steps have to be followed to eject a USB device, but many times Windows does not let go of the USB device so easily. Instead, a pop-up is displayed, which says that the device cannot be ejected as it is still in use.

problem ejecting

Many times the same pop-up is displayed repeatedly. It becomes tough for the user to identify each running program and terminate it. Especially when many USB devices such as flash drives and external hard-disk are connected at the same time.

Of course, you may turn off the computer and then pull out the USB device, but that isn’t the best way if you need to continue immediately using the computer. For such cases, Dev Eject is a very efficient application. It identifies the program in use that hinders the safe removal of the USB device and gives the user full control to view and end the running program(s).

How to use Dev Eject

Once you have downloaded and installed Dev Eject on your system, whenever there is a problem ejecting a device, open Dev Eject from the system tray. Once the program loads, it displays a list of all the devices plugged into your system.


In case more than one device is connected, all of them will be displayed. Select the specific device and hit the Locks button. This will display a list of all the running processes which is obstructing the safe removal of the device.

who locks

Now, you can easily get rid of the program that restricts safe removal of the device by clicking the eject button.


In my opinion, Dev Eject is a powerful tool . It makes removal of USB devices simpler and is not time consuming at all as the user does not have to individually look for the running program.

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