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How to Clean Junk on Android Smartphone to Make it Faster

A thumb rule for almost any device that has a built-in memory system is, the speed of the system is directly proportional to the amount of free memory available. We have already seen how we can clean our computers of junk files and speed them up. Today we will see how we can clean the internal memory of and Android smartphone and speed it up.

We will not be using any app from Play Store to clean up the phone. Android version 4 and above come with an inbuilt cleanup feature (just like Windows Disk Cleanup) which we will be using for the task. So let’s have a look.

Cleaning Junk on Android Smartphone

1. To get started, open Android settings and tap on the Storage settings. Here you can control how your phone’s internal and external storage is used and review the used space.

Android cleanup  (1)

2. As we are focusing on the internal storage space, tap on the option Make more storage space to start the cleanup wizard. What we will be doing is, we will be cleaning the app cache along with some useless apps and make more space in the internal storage by moving items to external storage.

Android cleanup  (2)

3. In the first step, the wizard will ask you if you would like to clear the application temporary data for all the apps or the rarely used apps. Make your choice to delete the data.

Android cleanup  (4)

4. Having done that, you can make additional storage space on your phone’s internal storage. The first option is to transfer some of the apps to external storage and the second one is rather obvious and that is to uninstall apps you no longer use. So to move the apps to phone storage, tap on the respective option, select the apps you would like to transfer and begin the process.

Android cleanup  (5)

5. After moving and uninstalling the app, the wizard will ask you if you would like to delete emails and text messages on your device. I don’t think deleting messages and emails will make any significant change in the free memory but you can go ahead.

6. Finally you will be asked if you would like to delete skins and wallpapers that are on your device.

Android cleanup  (6)

So that was how you can free up some space on your Android internal storage. Make sure you do this every couple of weeks and not just once in a blue moon. If you would like to, you can clean up the external SD card as well by deleting some unnecessary and temporary files. There are many theirs party apps available in the Play Store that claims to clean your Android in a single tap, but I would suggest you to use the built-in options.

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  • marcvann8

    The junk files includes browser history and clipboard history, cache cleaner and call log cleaner. Cleaning the junk files results in increasing the free space including its external and internal memory. By increasing the space, the Android starts working with improved speed. While cleaning the call logs, the app gives you the option whether to clean incoming calls, outgoing calls or missed calls. Therefore,that explains everything why it is very essential to clean “junks”. Wow, It felt good don’t you say?

    At least, we can all apply this “junk-speed” issue to our own lives.

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