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How to Disable iTunes Auto-Start When iPhone or iPod is Connected

As I mostly sit in front of a computer for both vocation and avocation, I always charge my USB powered devices using them rather than using the wall socket adapter. Whenever I plug my Android phone, all I get is a Windows notification sound and I am good to go. However, when iPod or iPhone is plugged in, they auto-run iTunes and start the auto sync process.


iTunes has been never light on computer resources and it doesn’t make any sense to run it every time I connect my device for charging. It just comes in my way of work and sometimes causes a little bit of distraction. If the same problem is bothering you as well, let me show you how you can prevent iTunes from automatically launching whenever an iOS device is connected.

Disabling Auto Sync in iTunes

1. Open iTunes on your computer. You can simply plug in the device and let it work for you for this last time. In iTunes 11, as the menu bar is hidden, press the ALT button on your keyboard and click on Edit—>Preferences.

iTunes Preferences

2. In the General Preferences Window navigate to Devices tab. Here check the option Prevent iPods, iPhone, and iPads from syncing automatically and save the settings.

Device Preferences

3. Click on the OK button and close iTunes if you may like. From now on whenever you connect your iOS device to your computer, you will have to manually run iTunes if you would like to sync the device. For simply charging, you will not be bothered again.

Disable iTunes Helper

Windows users can disable the feature by removing the iTunes helper from the Windows start up and optimize the computer start up at the same time. Windows 8 users open the Task Manager and navigate to the Start-up tab. Here look for iTunes Helper and disable it from Windows 8 start-up.

iTunes Helper

Windows 7 users can run MSConfig and disable iTunes Helper.


So that was how we can disable iTunes auto-start when iPhone or iPod is connected. If you don’t want to sync your iTunes every time you connect it for charging, it’s the best possible way it can be accomplished.

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