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Guide to Opening Ports for uTorrent and Azureus

caution This guide will help you turn this pesky yellow triangle into a nice green circle in uTorrent through port forwarding. Making that icon green will get you better download speeds, and thus, more happiness.

You may have noticed that I haven’t mentioned Azureus. Well, I just put that in the title, because I promised a friend (C-man) I would tell him how to do this for Azureus. You will see in this guide that explaining how to do this for uTorrent basically explains how to do it for any bittorrent client. On to the tutorial…

Opening ports for a bittorrent client has nothing to do with the bittorrent client (well, except for the port number….that’s kind of important). Opening ports is all about working with your router’s settings. I will be using a Netgear router for this tutorial. Most routers’ have very similar settings and options, so it shouldn’t matter if you don’t have a Netgear router.

Step 1: Find out what port your program uses.

I use uTorrent, but you may use a different BitTorrent client. In just about every BitTorrent clients’ options, there is a place to change the port it uses. For uTorrent, you just go to Options->Preferences, and the connection options pop right up. As you can see below, the port is 17120. Make sure you write down this port. You’ll need it later.

utorrent port

Step 2: Find out your network IP address.

Click on your start menu, and select run. Once the run box is up, type “cmd” in the box.


Now, a dos-like box will open up. Type in ipconfig and press enter.


Next, you will get a result like this.


Write down the IP address as you’ll need this later.

Step 3: Log into your router settings page.

This can be done by entering into the address bar of your browser. After you have done this, you should be promoted to log into the router settings page. The default username is “admin” and the default password is “password”.

router login

Step 4: Click on Port Forwarding/Port Triggering

port forward

Step 5: Select port forwarding and click on add custom service.

Depending on your router, you may come across different menus here. In any case, you want to make sure click on add a port and the forward option.

add service

Step 6: Forward your port from Step 1.

Now, you should be given a few different fields to fill in about the port you are forwarding. First, you want to give the port a name. I usually just name it the same as the program it is associated with, so in this case it would be uTorrent. Second, you want the port to be open for both TCP and UDP. Next, you put in the port from Step 1. It may ask for a range, but you can just put the same number for both the starting and ending ports. Finally, you put in your server IP address as found in Step 2.


Congratulations! Now, you should be able to download and share much faster!


  1. Thanks! Worked perfectly. My dl speeds have tripled! :D

  2. Wow. Ive looked at lots of tutorials trying to set it up. I finally got it. Thanks!

  3. But what if you don’t have a router?!

  4. marinus:

    I’m not sure.

  5. when i enter the IP adress on the website gives me “adress not valid” ..can som1 pls help me !!! i have a netgear

  6. What address are you putting in and what router do you have?

  7. i m not able to log in the browser i types ip address in the adress bar i m not able to log in the page can not be displayed can u have another solution?

  8. I’ve never had this problem before. You might want to try using a different browser or consult your router manual to make sure that is the right ip address.

  9. Use to find your router and the specific way of configuring port forwarding.

  10. hey when i log in to my router settings i dont any option like “Click on Port Forwarding/Port Triggering’….please help…i’m hvin 256 kbps n only get a speed of 20….this isnt fair..please help…

  11. @Harshad You may want to check the website Jason posted above. Otherwise, I’m not sure. What type of router do you have?

  12. well makr.. i think u can check this ip address i think it will help u..

  13. How can I open the port required for Utorrent if I dont use a router? Is it possible?

  14. You would have to open it in Windows by going to the Firewall options.

  15. Tsvetomir Yanakiev

    I can’t open Why?Please help me

  16. Tsvetomir Yanakiev

    oh and i don’t use router

  17. Halp i cant get my ports open either. this is what ive done so far…

    Diabled zone alarm
    Disabled avg
    Disabled windows firewall

    I got as far as step 3 but i dont get any log in details.. it just goes to a google search for the IP

    I just dont get it as it work a few weeks ago before i had to format my dirve and reinstal everything all over again. I have SP2.

    I cant think of anyting else to do.

    ALot of people are depending on me for these downloads and i need some help please.


  18. I see my gateway ip needs to be changed?? the last three digits are .254 not .1
    Im in aussie do i need to contact my isp to do it? i used to be able to log into my router when i first got the new one.. but ive lost the details and cant remember how to do it now.


  19. thanks for this great info…. you sure made it easier then other sites ive visited…. they had me entering ip’s, subnet mask, gateway, and dns server numbers in windows xp….anyway my red light turned green and now my life is perfect… um why would some of you want to portforward if you dont use a router???? it is intended for wireless computers and laptops. im thinking a couple of you people are clueless dum dums…

  20. That’s not nice, they’re just not computer savy

  21. Nice guide. I also suggest you use a high and random port number (like 35412 or whatever) for your torrent downloads.

    P.S. jjsasha, not only wireless connections use routers…

  22. What should I do if the default username and password aren’t working ? Where should I get the proper ones? thx

  23. Thank You But I Get Stuck When Adding The Numbers To The Browser :(
    “Failed to Connect

    Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at

    Though the site seems valid, the browser was unable to establish a connection.

    * Could the site be temporarily unavailable? Try again later.
    * Are you unable to browse other sites? Check the computer’s network connection.
    * Is your computer or network protected by a firewall or proxy? Incorrect settings can interfere with Web browsing.”

    Comes Up :(

  24. I am using a laptop, and I connect to my office wireless network. how should I configure this one? I am completely failing to use utorrent.

  25. Man, this sucks.. :( I got stucked at step 3 and I cant seemed to open the ip address given it says some alert.. Is there a way to make it work even if im using a mobile broadband??

  26. Hi Guys,

    I need some helps. I never got the “green of any sort” I always get the “yellow triangle” symbol. I tried to set my IP address to be static. I did my port forwarding correctly according to the site and i always get this message “Error! Port XXXXX does not appear to be open.”

    I ‘ve been trying to solve this problem for two months but could get it to resolve. I access my cable modem via the ip address but it seem like the cable modem is not configurable. It didn’t give me any options to change anything. When i tested the “open port” via the grc website it said that particular port is closed. I am confuse and lost.

    Software: Utorrent
    Router: Netgear WNR834B v2
    setup: cable modem—->voip box—–>Netgear router—>Computer

  27. Wow! this is amazing! ive looked everywhere for this! only you explain it the best and easiest way! thank you so much!

  28. is there any way to increase the speed of utorrent without using a router

    besides opening ports

  29. tyvm worked great

  30. when I try to apply the settings i get

    “Port conflict with other service.”

    “This page will automatically return to the previous page in a few seconds…”

    can anyone help?

  31. dude do d speed reaally boost up from dis..
    i m using d same netgear router and utorrent
    i hav been tryong 2 increase speed form sucha a long time..
    how much ma speed wd be inclreasind i m using 256kbps connection..

  32. hey…I tried this but my I’m still getting the yellow sign at the bottom and my speeds are still slow. My ip address is and there is no where to enter my ip address after I enter the port as you said. Help please!!!

  33. is to open netgear up

    user: admin

    password: password

  34. I followed your directions with the netgear router which is what I have. I used the same port number 17120 and opened the dos with the cmd prompt and wrote down the IP address which was listed as IPv4, not just IP. I filled in all the right numbers in the netgear site by choosing custom and added it. Nothing I did worked. Please help. Does the same port number have to be in Utorrent, 17120, which it is. I selected the test the port and still no luck. What the heck am I doing wrong? also in the cmd dos box it says at the top of the page forwarding not enabled. Is that something I need to change and how? Thanks.

  35. im using a dg834g netgear router and there is no option for port forwarding or anything PLEASE HELP!!

  36. oh my circle is green anyway!

  37. i have a tp-link router and my default username and password are suppose to be admin and admin, but it wont let me on the settings page, help!

  38. I have recently been trying to use utorrent for seems like months now I have bellsouth as my internet provider fast access dsl with upload 384kb/s and download 3552 kb/s I have a router or modem what ever you may call it that they send to you with one ethernet port on the back of it when I went to the run menu it says my windows ip address is but I can get to my bellsouth address at so I guess that is what it is and where I need to go for port forwarding and adding a port is this right but when I get there and open all the drop down windows it doesn’t say anything about adding a port or port forwarding I am new to this and I am having very slow download speeds for me to have fast access dsl I don’t really know what I am doing at all just taking a shot at it since I do need utorrent to use the site that I purchased for a year I am so aggravated someone please help me it will be greatly appreciated since my downloads are taking days to finish and I have yet to have seen one get completed I have had just one downloading for 2 days and still not even a 1/4 within the download it sucks

  39. hey i have pretty much the same problem as dawn bradt. I follow this site 100% but the triangle still doesnt go away! By the way, when in dos cmd, do I use the Gateway address of or the IPv4 adress of Using the gateway gets me into my router settings and IPv4 doesnt! Help?!?

  40. I followed this to a T but Utorrent speed test still says the port is NOT open. Huh? Please help someone.

  41. Thank you so much.

    1st speed 1.0 kb/s – 45 kb/s

    my speed after this tutorial

    180 kb/s – 280 kb/s

  42. after port starting and port ending option they are asking ” port map ” option….wht is tht ? plz help me…..i put the same num in port start and port ending option…..but i dnt kno what is PORT MAP … ??

  43. Thanks! I couldn’t work out how to config my new router, but this worked perfectly.

  44. mine asks for a application type do i leave it at default it also says something about protocol timeout so i leave that blank? help please

  45. Thanks a lot for your article. I am using Beetle 220Bx connection. When I port forward my router it ask for the external port what will be that.
    I know on which port I have to forward the request.(but thats the internal port) But on whihc port of router request is comming.
    I have to map external port (that is port of router ) to internal port (that is port of my machine) so what wil be the internal porty

  46. When I type the IP in the adrress bar, it automaticaly put it in google, it doesn’t really open the login and password form for the router.

  47. Hi, i’m using a mobile broadband and i’m wondering if its possible to port forward with it as my utorrent speeds are really slow.

  48. Awesome! Worked like a charm. Thanks.

  49. hi! im using smart broadband and what they gave me doesnt look like a router.. sorry im stpid with computers. it looks like a mobile charger connected in my pc. can i also open my port?

  50. i have opened three different ports with my router, i have turned off windows firewall and unblocked utorrent in trend internet security firewall. yet, still i have a yellow triangle,. it is downloading at the moment at 0 kb/s so nothing!!!!i have used port checkers and they all say the ports i specifially opened are still blocked grrr
    would you happen to know perhaps what the issue is??

  51. You are a genius i did exactly what u said and now green circle with a check thanks GOD BLESS

  52. the ”admin” and the ”password” doesn’t work do you know why?

  53. Erik,try admin for both,worked for me?

  54. both passwords dont work for me

  55. Erm… when i type it comes up with “the webpage is not available”?

  56. you’re awesome!!!! utorrent is working beautifully. thanks!!!!

  57. Its working n i got a green circle!!!! Thank u soo muchh!!!!!!

  58. I used for web site, that worked but admin and password don’t work for me. I’ve even used admin and admin as pass, no luck. I am now stuck. Please help

  59. Mike, have you tried “admin” as the user name and leaving the password blank?

  60. Yes I did. I keep getting:

    Incorrect login

  61. I did get in. This is what worked:

    The router’s main page opens for Login
    Enter username – cusadmin
    Enter password – password

    Thank you

  62. cannot open the router page with or
    pls help

  63. Help please, when i enter the ip adress on the browser, it says it cannot display website. i’ve tried and

  64. when i type in i can’t ven type the username, the box disapears…
    and doesn’t connect
    plz help

  65. thanks, went to manufacturer’s website and it works now..

  66. great post, but I can’t see anything when I type or, please help

  67. As Kyle said, check the manufactures website for instructions on logging in to your router.

    What kind of router do you have?

  68. You idiots need to just use a different client. Or fucking use rapidshare for damn’s sake. You shouldn’t have to do all this risky shit with port settings and altering OS-TCP/IP shit just to download crap. Too many people who know shit about computers being inside the command prompt spells trouble. I guess I can collect bank fixing their shitty machines.

  69. hey guys my default gateway is would u please suggest me the default username and password to log into the router. please i need this to forward port for u torrent


    @sushant… each router has a unique IP address, try to find it from the manual book.. or just google it.. once you have it, type it to the address bar above..
    and you’re in your router settings now.. then do what ever the author of this post said

  71. It says invalid password. I think the default password mentioned on router website does not match!

  72. Make sure your CAPS LOCK key isn’t on when you type your password.

  73. Hi. Can you please tell me how to forward a port. I only have a modem and dont know how it’s done.

  74. What shud u include as the public port???

  75. i use a HUAWEI SmartAX MT882 modem but i still find it difficult to configure it to allow me turn that icon to green can you please help me with that plsssssssss

  76. It worked on my uTorrent 1.8.4 :) THANK YOU!

  77. my router settings page is a bit different,and it the last steb there is no place to fill in my ip address,juts TCP and UDP and port name

  78. ok…whenever i tried any of the above and it accepted the username and password it took me to a site which said 401 Unauthorized o.0 what do i do to fix this?

  79. I am in Sydney Australia, and am using satelite broadband the ISP is Telstra. Im not sure what IP address to type in, and am in a little distress! Please help! I have a red circle with an exclamtion mark instead of the tick?!?!

  80. Thanks you very much.

    Guys like you always enteratain people on internet

    Thanks a lot

  81. thanks alot mate helped me out loads

  82. Hi,

    While confing , i can’t see Service type like its shown in step 6 above…. Can anybody point me in right direction

  83. And what about telling me how to configure this ports on a IPBRICK service? can you help me…?

  84. Bullshit, i’m using a TCP modem and i don’t see any things such as Port Forwarding/Port Triggering, can you help me ?

  85. neither the username and the password worked :((…

  86. am using myT and the manufacturer is Orange

  87. i just want to know , whether i can forward port with a modem that i have. earlier kyle said we cant open ports with a modem. but why .. whats the difference?

    • From my understanding, you don’t need to open ports for a modem. You open the ports in a router, because the router acts as a firewall. That is that way I understand it, but I could be wrong.

  88. somethin’ to consider. If the username and password he gives doesn’t work, consider looking at your router. Sometimes there will be a sticker that has the admin username and password on it. If that doesn’t work and you can’t figure it out, try resetting your router. CAUTION! if you have settings set up on your router such as wireless passwords and things like this, you will have to put them back in! Hope this helps a little

  89. Thanks! Everything was green, but my connections were slow and when I tested my port from a port checker, it failed. Then I noticed that my UPnP table was on so I had to close that down and then I was able to open the port correctly. I hope this can help someone else out there that may be havin’ slow connections even though it says the ports are working but the port checkers say they fail.

  90. i know about that presky yellow triangle n how to fix it but what is that rex exclamation mark in a red circle that comes instead of yellow or green, how can i fix it. pleese help

  91. OK i do have that little yellow triangle too,but i have a different kinda setup.The router i have is model no(dot)WGR614v9.My phone line connects to my modem(model 6100f),and than to my router.My situation is the router was baught for my wife because she recently just recieved a laptop for herself(no problems there),my router has 4 LAN connections on the back in which my desktop is connected to.Thats where im having a problem,i have uTorrent and have that pesky little triangle.I followed you instructions and still have that triangle,what do i do now please?When i push apply on step 6 it says Server IP address cannot be router’s LAN IP address. Im kinda a noob at this stuff,help me out please. thank you

  92. please im using a huawei modem and i dont have port forwarding option when i open the page please please do a guide for the huawei smartax mt882

  93. im using netgear as well but when i portforward and customize the port it did not work. is say

    “Port Conflict with other service”
    please help

  94. User Name And Password Do Not Work

  95. I followed the instruction and when done, I clicked the “add” the it says “Invalid IP address! It should be set within the current subnet.” Please help. Thanks.

  96. I have a linksys router and I typed “admin” (no caps) as the password and left the user name blank. It worked fine for me.

    I hope that helps…

  97. I am able to login but i think there is no option for port forwarding..i use a broadband connection of 2mbps with zte modem what to do..??

  98. so u mean if i have to get a good speed for my torrents download i have to ask my isp to do the port forwarding..???

    by the way i have googled it n there are people who are showing a way of port forwarding on the modem model that i have..the model is zte zxdsl831All..

    • From my understanding, you shouldn’t have to forward modem ports, but I could be wrong. This guide was made specifically for routers. If you find our the answer, I’d love to know, because this question has come up before.

  99. man this worked thanks alot ,you are the man with this easy to follow guide.

  100. Sorry for the double post…

    And what about telling me how to configure this ports on a IPBRICK service? can you help me…?

    • Thanks so much – I finally got this port forwarding thing sorted out with your help. This was the most helpful site I came across – at least this one and a French site I found that helped me configure my sagem router.

  101. thanks for such straight forward instructions.

  102. mine says “port conflict with other service” =[ any idea why?

  103. As i said in my last post your instructions are very concise and helpful. I did everything per instructions but it still didn’t work, i have an orange circle that says that a firewall/router is limiting my network traffic

  104. I’m running Norton 360, I went into settings and setup new traffic rule to allow for utorrent.

    You haven’t mentioned anything about DNS so I’m wondering if that may have something to do with it.

    As usual things always work out on paper but in the real world there is inevitably a glitch.

  105. “password” didn’t work. What’s next?

  106. same here, password didnt work, any idea?

  107. hi i have managed to get onto mine but i cannot find anywhere that mentions ports any ideas?

    • in some netgear routers it is under firewall rules that is where you set up in and out bound settings for ports on some netgear routers

  108. Wow thank you so much.
    I am so happy I didn’t have to wake up my teenage son to do this for me!

  109. same here, password didnt work, any idea?

  110. plss..try password ” admin ”


  111. Cheers dude =oD Worked a treat!!

  112. hi…i dint use netgear…i used beetel.And the router settings page is different.There is no port forwarding or custom service option.
    Plz help!
    p.s i’m using uTorrent 2.0

  113. Worked like a charm!! Thanks.

  114. when it comes to password it can also be admin not password so try that as well

  115. i use an ADSL Huawei smartAX MT882a modem and i can’t find anything like port forwarding when i enter the password. i need help with it cos my downloads are so so slow

  116. i’m using Dlink 2640T, and there’s no port forwading options. can u help me? thanks

  117. I am using Billion BiPAC 7404VGO router and in my Step 2 (from above) I get 2 IP addresses – IPv4 & IPv6 ? I am confused – please help.


  118. came up as problem loading page???? what do i do?

  119. when i type in or my ip address it comes up as page load error. what can i do to access the router setup page?

  120. try with this…

    User name: admin
    Password: admin

    Click on advance setting tab –>then click on —>NAT tab–>Where you people get the PORT triggering option then follow the Kyle Judkins instructions…

    Umar Khan

  121. @rachel
    Some browsers dont support to open the router web page just like that… try like this..

    My problem is that my router doesnt has the port forwarding option… what can i do?

    Company: UTSTARCOM
    model# ut300r2u

  122. Thanks! I searched so many sites & yours is the most forwarding & simple without much of mumbo jumbo.
    Thanks again.appreciate it.

  123. Can you guise help me:
    I can’t find Port Forwarding/Port Triggering icon, what should i do???

  124. thx man u are god:) worked like a charm, its a bit tricky tough. @everyone who cannot find forward port option, its therem just be patient and search it easy, u ll find it eventually. i was digging for a whole hour,

  125. May port is still closed, using huawei d100

  126. Thank you. Useful post.

  127. where is the option for port forwarding or port triggering

  128. i have done all the steps but my downloading speed has not been enhanced…help

  129. hey im trying to do this and every time i enter my ip i get nothing…can anyone help?

    • M8 start,run, go cmd, wriet ipcfonig , dont wirte down your ip write down the standard-gateway m8 write it down in internet itll work trust me

  130. Hello,

    I recently moved to Germany and have a Speedport W504V. I was able to port forward back in the states but have not been able to master it here. I have configured the port forwarding through the router but I still cannot get the port to open according to Utorrent. Can anyone tell me what else I may be doing wrong, or what is stopping it. I tried turning off the firewall already and I have made sure all the port numbers match….

  131. i want troubleshooting for beetel 450tc1

  132. Hi
    my default gateway is not going to open,after typing ip explorer is showing a (Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): The connection was reset) dar googlechrome…
    please help me

  133. i managed to follow all the steps and when i got to step 6 i filled in all the details but when i click apply it fails and the screen shows “the specified ports are being used by other configurations. please check your configurations of remote management, port forwarding, port triggering, UPuP port mapping table, RIP, and internet connection type.” hopefully this can be fixed easily :)

  134. Dude, you’re amazing. I’ve picked like a scavenger through Google, and this is the most comprehensive guide I’ve found yet.

  135. Dude, you’re amazing. I’ve picked like a scavenger through Google, and this is the most comprehensive guide I’ve found yet.

  136. nt wrking man…. it keeps on asing fr password

  137. thanks so much, it worked perfectly!

  138. Does not work :/ did as the guide said, but no :(

  139. What if you have to download at a place like mcdonalds or starbucks?

  140. Dude, u saved my day’! thanks!

  141. Mohamed80physique

    note working

  142. Trusted get paid to click

    Oh gosh, it work for me

  143. Help!! How to port forward without a router?

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