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Guide to Opening Ports for uTorrent and Azureus

caution This guide will help you turn this pesky yellow triangle into a nice green circle in uTorrent through port forwarding. Making that icon green will get you better download speeds, and thus, more happiness.

You may have noticed that I haven’t mentioned Azureus. Well, I just put that in the title, because I promised a friend (C-man) I would tell him how to do this for Azureus. You will see in this guide that explaining how to do this for uTorrent basically explains how to do it for any bittorrent client. On to the tutorial…

Opening ports for a bittorrent client has nothing to do with the bittorrent client (well, except for the port number….that’s kind of important). Opening ports is all about working with your router’s settings. I will be using a Netgear router for this tutorial. Most routers’ have very similar settings and options, so it shouldn’t matter if you don’t have a Netgear router.

Step 1: Find out what port your program uses.

I use uTorrent, but you may use a different BitTorrent client. In just about every BitTorrent clients’ options, there is a place to change the port it uses. For uTorrent, you just go to Options->Preferences, and the connection options pop right up. As you can see below, the port is 17120. Make sure you write down this port. You’ll need it later.

utorrent port

Step 2: Find out your network IP address.

Click on your start menu, and select run. Once the run box is up, type “cmd” in the box.


Now, a dos-like box will open up. Type in ipconfig and press enter.


Next, you will get a result like this.


Write down the IP address as you’ll need this later.

Step 3: Log into your router settings page.

This can be done by entering into the address bar of your browser. After you have done this, you should be promoted to log into the router settings page. The default username is “admin” and the default password is “password”.

router login

Step 4: Click on Port Forwarding/Port Triggering

port forward

Step 5: Select port forwarding and click on add custom service.

Depending on your router, you may come across different menus here. In any case, you want to make sure click on add a port and the forward option.

add service

Step 6: Forward your port from Step 1.

Now, you should be given a few different fields to fill in about the port you are forwarding. First, you want to give the port a name. I usually just name it the same as the program it is associated with, so in this case it would be uTorrent. Second, you want the port to be open for both TCP and UDP. Next, you put in the port from Step 1. It may ask for a range, but you can just put the same number for both the starting and ending ports. Finally, you put in your server IP address as found in Step 2.


Congratulations! Now, you should be able to download and share much faster!


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