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How To Remove Ads in Google Chrome

Reading interesting material online is commonplace now days especially while browsing the web. However, often when we read something, it is cluttered with extra useless text, graphical ads, irrelevant logos, etc. In order to ensure maximum reading area and a clutter free experience, I use iReader.

iReader is a plugin developed for the Google Chrome web browser. It allows Google Chrome users to read stories and articles in a single clutter free page by stripping out the non-reading material and displaying it in an easy to read, scrollable display.

Installing and Using iReader

Installation for iReader is easy. Simply go to Google Chrome extensions gallery and install.

Once installed, an iReader Icon is displayed in the address bar which can then be used to view articles.

Once you visit a page where you want to read something, just click the iReader icon and iReader will spawn a new page, putting Google Chrome in the background where you will have all the controls to read the article in peace. Pages opened in iReader can be zoomed in, zoomed out, sent to the printer for print, shared on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter and even the article images can be disabled if you want a complete text feel to the story you’re reading.

The reading page settings of iReader allow you to set fonts, article width and margins and also how the scrolling is done. The background opacity is also selectable which determines how much the Chrome window is darkened.


iReader is a neat way to read articles on Chrome, as it provides a great and elegant reading pane. It is a must have plugin for anyone who uses Chrome to spend time surfing.

Download iReader for Google Chrome

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