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How to Remove Credit Card Information From Google Play Store

cardsWhen I moved from India to UK few months ago, I had to add a new card details to my Play Store account to make the purchase. After I added an additional UK bank credit card, I had two working credit cards in my account. One of them was of India and another one was from a UK bank.

Now the problem was, whenever I made a purchase, the Play Store always showed me both the credit cards while making a purchase. Although it showed the last four digits of the card, it was very confusing. One time, I ended up paying for UK currency from my Indian bank and because of all the currency conversion, I ended up paying a bit more than the usual.

There might be scenarios where you might want to remove your credit card details from the Play Store due to security reasons. So lets have a look at how we can remove the credit  card details from the Google Play Store using Google Wallet.

Removing Credit Card Details

1. The card can be easily added to using the Play Store while you are making a purchase using a new card, however it can’t be removed straight away from the Play Store. Instead you will have to open Google Wallet and login using your Google account information used in the Play Store while making a purchase. Google Wallet is Google’s payment mechanism that cares of payments using Google Checkout.

payment methods

2. After you have logged in to Google Wallet you will see your recent transaction under the Transaction tab. Here, on the left-hand sidebar, click on the option Payment Method to load all the credit cards you have used on your account.


3. Now to remove a card, simply click on the remove link next to the card. Google Wallet will ask you for confirmation before removing the card permanently. Click on the button Yes, Remove it and confirm the removal. Be very sure that you are deleting the correct card.

confirm removal


So that was how you can delete a credit card from your Play Store or I might say Google account. Furthermore, if you want to add a new credit card, it can be done by clicking the button Add a Credit or Debit Card button in the Payment Methods page. Google Wallet will ask for card details, billing address and CVC number before verifying and saving the card. From what I believe, always keep one active credit card in your account.

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