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How To Reset Your Router’s Password

linksys routerI received a comment the other day asking me how to reset a router’s username and password back to the default username and password.  I thought this was a great question and worthy of a post.

In order to get your router back to the original settings, you must push in the reset button (usually on the back of the router) for somewhere between 10 and 30 seconds depending on the router.  You may need a pin or something small to push in the button, because it can be recessed.  Once you have reset the router, the username and password will be changed to the defaults, admin and password, respectively.

One thing you must remember is that resetting the router will change all of the router settings back to the factory settings.  This means you will lose all of the changes you made since you got the router.  Make sure to write down any things you’ve changed, so you can change them back after the reset.  Also, I recommend updating to the latest firmware after the reset.


  1. Slight nitpick here – on many Cisco-Linksys home routers (most of the ones I’ve worked with including most iterations of the WRT54G series), the default username is blank and the password is “admin”.

  2. Different routers will have different usernames and/or passwords. I would suggest using a site like to find the combination for a given model. Or just Google ”[insert make and model] default password” to find yours.

  3.…another one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” websites. That’s a great idea…and great post too Kyle.

  4. OMFG.. Chris thnx a lot

  5. thanks for the tip dawg

  6. thanxs man it worked.

  7. this hasnt worked for mine its a linksys model wcg200v2-cc there is no password combination either to help me check if its wrong password

  8. i made a wireless network. if i reset my router, will anything happen to the network

  9. Amy Shavers Perkins

    I’m pushing and holding the red reset button but it doesn’t do anything. How do I know when it’s reset to to stop pushing the button?

  10. where do the password usually apear?

  11. if u change the passsword to lock router ,, n ulost it what do u reset?

  12. Please consider checking out what is the password and username for the Thomson-Alcatel TG782 model.  I can’t seem the find it anywhere.

  13. how do i find out my apple wireless router password.  I set it up a year ago and cant remember the password to be used by guest

  14. i dont know my username and password of router i need it for my Mulitplayer minecraft server can some help me please :(

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