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How To See the History of Commands Used in Command Prompt

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cmd Command prompt is an excellent Windows feature to get key information about your computer. We can execute basic commands and get instant output for further usage. We tend to use a number of commands in the command prompt which leads me to the question – ever wanted to see history of commands used in command prompt?

Let’s See That History

For starters, to open command prompt window – go to start > Run, type cmd and click OK. A black command prompt window will appear. There is a command to see history of commands previously executed in the command prompt window. Just type doskey /history and hit the enter key to see commands history.


Alternatively, you can also hit F7 key and see pop up window with command history. You can select specific command using up / down arrow key and execute them again quickly.


That’s all there is to it.  What does your history look like?

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