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How to Share a Folder Over a Network

shared folderHave you ever wanted to access a folder on another computer on your network? I’m sure that most of you have, and today, I’m going to show you how to easily share a folder over your home network.

The first thing you want to do is share the folder that you want to access from another computer. This requires you to be on the computer that houses the file. For instance, if I want to access a file on my desktop from my laptop, I need to first use my desktop to share the folder.

In order to do this, I need to go to the folder I want to share. In this case, I will be sharing the My Pictures folder as seen below.

my pictures

Now, you need to right click on the folder and select properties.

Once you click properties, a window will pop up. You want to click the sharing tab. Once in the sharing tab, you will see that the second box in the page gives you some sharing options. We want to start by clicking in the box next to “Share this Folder on the network.” After this is completed, you can give the shared folder a shared name if you prefer.


As you may have noticed, the second check box becomes available after clicking the first one. Let me explain the difference between the two.

The first option allows you to access folders on another computer over your network, but you can’t edit or rename the files in the folder. Also, you can’t add any files to the shard folder. If you decide you want more control, you can click the box next to “Allow network users to change my files.” This will allow you to do all of the things mentioned above.

Remember after the changes you have made to make sure you press the apply button to apply the changes.

Now, you want to go back to your laptop or other computer. In order to access your shared folder, you need to go to find your workgroup computers.

To access your workgroup, click on the start button and go to “My Network Places.”


Now, click on “View workgroup computers.”

view workgroup

After this click, you should see all of the computers on your network. Click on the computer that has the shared folder in it.

shared comp

The shared folder should appear in the next window that appears. Congratulations, now you can access all the folders and files you want from all over your house!

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  • Bulllubricantsmarketing

    can anybudy tells how to share folder data to another drive folder? like C:Afile.exl i wanted to use this file at D:bfile.exl means when i wanted to open a file i can use the same file from diffrent drives path 

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