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How To Translate Your Website or Blog to 50 Different Languages

lego googleWhen you publish your blog, it is available to a global audience.   This means that people from different countries and regions will come to your blog through search engines or various other ways. With a global audience, your first language may not be your readers’ first language.

Until now, there weren’t a lot of options out there for translating your website.  Google has come up with a great tool for webmasters and bloggers called the “Google Translator Widget.”  This will translate your blog into 50 different languages.

Google Translator Widget

Google’s new tool allows readers to translate your website on the page.  They don’t have to go to another tool to get the translation. This widget will prompt readers to view the blog or website in their own language, so they can feel comfortable to explore your site or blog. For instance, let’s guess a Chinese person has dropped into your website that has the widget installed.  She will be prompted to translate the entire page to Chinese.

The page [with the help of Website Translator Widget] asks the Chinese to translate the language.
The page, with the help of Website Translator Widget, asks the Chinese to translate the language.
The region/country of the visitor is determined by the settings of the browser they use to visit your site. Now, if the person chooses to translate the entire page, all they need to do is click on the translate button. The website will automatically be translated into their preferred language; just as shown below.


How to Implement on My Site?

Codes inside the box needs to be placed in your site.
Codes inside the box needs to be placed in your site.

Go to the Google Translator widget’s page and copy the given code. You may want to check the settings before you copy the code, but you don’t have to. Once copied, go to your website’s sidebar widget options or the Header.php file. Place the code wherever you want the translator option to be shown.

Once the widget is successfully placed, visitors of your blog or website will either be automatically prompted to translate the language, or they will see a drop-down menu of 50 different languages to translate into. Go and grab the Google’s new tool “Website Translator Widget” and make your website or blog available in 50 languages worldwide!

(By) Aminul Islam Sajib is a 16-years-old young enthusiastic blogger and technology writer from Dhaka, Bangladesh who usually blogs in his technology blog Life with Technology . He is a technology reporter of a national daily newspaper and an online news agency of Bangladesh. You can also connect with Aminul on Twitter or Facebook.

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  • http://www.techandlife.com techandlife

    I’d love to know just how good these blog translation services really are. Do you use them or do you just do your own translation? Are they better for some languages than others? Do they really work on tech blogs where the language is quite specialized?


    • http://www.lostintechnology.com Kyle Judkins

      I don’t use a translation tool right now, but I am looking into it.

  • Carly

    I do not use this type of tool as I think that they are not accurate enough and will never be as good as a human translator. I had to translate my website in French so what I did was get a professional

    French translation
      and I was really pleased with the results!! Tried to use a CAT system to compare and there was no contest: this type of automated software do not work.

  • http://www.hutong-school.com/learn-chinese-in-china/ Learn Chinese in China

    Do you think that this kind if translation is accurate?

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