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How To Turn Your Netbook into an E-book Reader

EeeRotate displaying a blog verticallyOne of the things I hate about reading a comic book on my PC is that the pages of the comic books were longways and the screen was sideways.  This strange orientation never felt natural and took a little away from the comic book experience.

With the rise of hardware like Kindle and taller screens on iPods and cell phones, people can now enjoy books on a digital portable device, but until everyone can afford a Kindle, what will the rest of us stuck with netbooks do?

Well, you get EeeRotate, of course.


What does EeeRotate do? Well, it rotates the display on your screen and the input from your Touchpad (but not mouse) clockwise 90 degrees.  This allows you to turn your small netbook into a comfy nice reader for all sort of e-books, comic books, PDF documents and anything else you want to read in that form.


There are other application out there that can help you achieve a similar result and one of them is FBReader.  FBReader not only rotates the screen by 90 degrees, but it can also rotate the screen by 180 degrees or 270 if you want.  It also supports a wider range of operating systems like Windows XP/Vista and Linux.

FBReader displaying an ebook

Do you read a lot of e-books? What are your tricks to get the best experience out of them? What little applications do you use to make life easier for you reading on a netbook or a laptop?

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  • http://robinnixon.com Robin Nixon

    How about not downloading any software and just typing Ctrl-Alt-Arrow (any of left, right, up or down). Works a treat on my Eee netbook.

    • Nastanir

      That is a wonderful solution I did not know. Thank you Mr. Nixon.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TK2O6O3T7USB47OOIR76L5RXYU Prateek Panchal

    But its always good to buy an ebook reader rather looking for solutions.

  • Judith sale

    not knowing a lot about software etc., I have had two ereaders that eventually have given up the ghost! I now want to buy a netbook, and use my storage stick with my books on it to read them on said laptop, thats ok cos I can flip, change fonts etc. The only thing I cannot do is to put the screne into a grayscale mode so that I can read outside in sunlight. Is there a software programme that would allow me to do this? any help would be gratefully appreciated!!

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