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How to Merge Duplicate Contacts in Outlook 2013

Outlook 2013Years back, when the concept of social media was not known to mankind, people used to update their address book on computers manually. The number of contacts were very limited to just the important ones.

However, nowadays once can just sync his address book to online social media accounts and sync the entire contact list in a jiffy. The concept of syncing is great and saves a considerable amount of time, but when we sync contacts from multiple source, there is a high possibility that we get duplicate contacts.

So today we will see how we can merge these duplicate contacts in Outlook 2013.

Merging Duplicate Contacts

1. Open Outlook 2013 on your computer and click on the People link at the bottom to open Outlook contact manager. If you have synced your Outlook you your various online accounts, you will find contacts from many different source in here. Windows 8 users can use the modern People app to add social accounts and import contacts.


2. Outlook will list all the contacts you have synced and manually added. To link contacts together, select and highlight the contact you want to merge together and click the there small dots on the on to open a pop-up menu and select the option Link contacts.

select contacts

3. Outlook will now ask you to select the contact you would like to merge with the contact you have already selected. Use the search box to search for the contact you would like to merge and click on it to confirm.

link contacts

4. The contacts will be merged to one contact immediately however, you must check for any ambiguity while merging the data.

link people contacts

So that is how we can merge two or more similar contacts in Outlook into one. I agree to the fact that linking large amount of contacts one by one can be a tedious task, but unlike Android there is no way we can analyze and link similar contacts automatically.


So make sure you keep your contacts clean and clutter free by linking them together.  Don’t forget to subscribe to our updates so that you never miss out on such cool tricks.

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    It’s really helpful tips to merge duplicate contacts in outlook . I am facing this problem and your tips have helped me a lot to merge duplicate contacts.

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