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Mount an ISO File with Daemon Tools

daemon tools logoThere are several ways to mount ISO files, but I have been using Daemon Tools for some time now.  It is a light weight and easy to use tool that I recommend, and today, I’m going to walk you through how to mount all of your ISO files using Daemon Tools.

Download Daemon Tools

The first step is easy enough just download Daemon Tools.

Open Daemon Tools

When you open Daemon Tools, you will only get an icon in the system tray, so don’t wait for a window to pop up.

daemon tools task bar

Mount the ISO File

Next, right click on the Daemon Tools icon to open up the menu.  Go to Virtual CD/DVD-ROM, then Device 0.

daemon tools right click

After clicking on Device 0, click on Mount Image.  A new window will pop up, and you must locate the ISO file on your hard drive.  Just click on the ISO file and you’re done.

daemon tools iso

  • Talk Binary

    Great! I use this as well…I mounted Starcraft so I didn’t have to find the cd when I (always) wanted to play it! =)

  • Jeanne

    i understand everything you said but what i want to mount cannot be found. i downloaded adobe indesign from utorrent. but i cannot locate the iso. not knowing how to use daemon tools i mounted the winrar file. the program opened and i thought i was in like flinn but i was not. the program asked me to insert the cd. so now i am not sure what to try next. should i download a different torrent. well your the deamon expert . i ask for your assistance. email me or whatever. thnks in advance i hope

  • Holly

    OMG! That was so easy. I’m not a computer idiot, but when you read the instructions on torrent sites, the don’t make sense. THIS makes sense. Worked like a charm. Thanks!

  • Christianp

    Worked well and flawlessly. Thanks for the contribution !

  • Aman

    I’m trying to install Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire but whenever I try to install it, by double clicking on the “EA” application (Autorun), it says insert the CD. I have downloaded Daemon and tried mounting “exe” files but doesn’t work. There aren’t any type of these files “Cue, ISO, Bwt, Cdi, b5t, ccd, mds, nrg, pdi” in the folders of the game. So I don’t know what to mount and what exactly to do. I have the CD key and everything but having trouble installing. You are an expert and I ask for your assistance. Please email me back. Thanks

    • Timo

      You have to download the crack and install it in the folder you installed the game.

  • Valdezii

    i have mounted my .iso file but then nothing happens. How do i get the autorun.exe file to run?

    • Kyle Judkins

      You should be able to go into my computer and run it from there.

  • Dan

    WOW, didnt even think it was that simple. Credit to Binary for this easy suggestion lol thanks

  • Warie

    Daemon works fine, but what to do if you want to burn the mounted file if it’s bigger than 2 GB? Nero 7 doesn’t do it! Even UDF doesn’t work. Any suggestions?

  • Nedeljko

    i downloaded game with Rapid share…and there is “mount or burn .iso image”…..ok…i used Hjsplit program to join all files…24 of them i think…then when i try to mount that “image” i cannot found it with daemon tools…. when i look in File Type there is only: File…not .iso…. So…can you help me xDD.. where did i go wrong 😀 Thanks xD

  • Zo

    i’ve done everythig you said above, i then go on my computer to run my file and this message comes up:
    ”Windows cannot read from this disc. The disc might be corrupted, or it could be using a format that is not compatible for windows”
    help me please?!

  • cOnar

    i’ve done everythig you said above, i then go on my computer to run my file and this message comes up:
    ”Windows cannot read from this disc. The disc might be corrupted, or it could be using a format that is not compatible for windows”
    help me please?!

    Im having the EXACT same problem, drivin me crazy please someone help

  • Cody

    When i go to virtual devices there is no Device 0…….what am i supposed to do then?

  • Lily

    Well, isn’t that just great! I dl DT lite to find out is even doesn’t have the choice ‘virtual CD/DVD Rom…So I guess it stops here… It’s a shame, it cost me a lot of time.. :((

  • Bob

    well then if you dl a differant one, it may say mount’n’drive,

  • jaszy

    Thank you so much this is the easiest explanation that I ever found and it worked! You are a saint.

    • Kyle Judkins

      You’re welcome!

  • frozenfire_04

    thanks dude for the help…XD…

  • Aaron

    I downloaded and used hjsplit to combine the game Spore. When i click to mount image, it runs for a second like its about to run it, then nothing happens. I looked in My Computer and its there in the drive, but again when i click that to run it nothing happens. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Umair

    Dude I have noticed that u only respond to people who thank U for sharing this info
    but if u cannot solve the problem related to “WRONG DISC” then atleast let us know so we should go and try to find the solution somewhere else

    • Kyle Judkins

      Unfortunately, I’ve never experienced that error, so I am not able to help fix it.

    • RDR

      Could you solve this problem? I cant if u can then plzz tell me

  • D

    And if you download the game and there is no “iso” file, what do you do then? Ive tried about every single file.

    Still ses:

    The wrong disc is inserted.

    Please insert the original disc “GAME NAME”

    • Bloofantom

      If you are using winrar try configuring it go into settings, integration, and uncheck iso in the associate with winrar spot and that fixed all my problem maybe it’ll help you out. you will need to extract the file again tho

      • LM

        this worked for me! I was going crazy because I couldnt find the the ISO file 😀

  • Nuno

    Hi…im portuguese so careful with those words xD. I downloaded a game, and it comes in 2 parts: Avp2-cd1 and avp2-cd2. Now, plz explain me how do i mount =( Do i have to mount two images and two diferent devices or just one?
    Thanks anyway…

    • Kyle Judkins

      I would try mounting them one at a time, but it can vary greatly when you have two files.

      • Raj

        i download freedom fighters game in .iso format.Then i install it using
        daemon tools.Then i also mount it on virtual drive but when i click to
        play “insert correct cd-rom” appears. What i can do brother. Help please!!

  • Nuno

    Hey kyle..thanks. i made it =)

  • johnnie

    i understand and follow all these steps but when i open the file where the game is i downloaded there are no files to mount and if i just open it without daemon there are no iso files they say pc-b2sf.. what now ? please help..


  • Ryou

    I downloaded a game by mounting an ISO file. I installed the game but when I tried to run it , it says “wrong disk inserted and please insert the original (game) CD/DVD. I know it can be solved by burning the ISO file into a blank disc but is there any way to play it without using a disc?

  • BIBO

    hey guys..I installed a game in 16 parts.
    i have the ISO image for it
    used Daemon tools..and after mounting …. still
    “wrong CD/DVD inserted
    plz insert the original CD/DVD”

  • mania

    i download freedom fighters game in .iso format.Then i install it using daemon tools.Then i also mount it on virtual drive but when i click to play “insert correct cd-rom” appears.

  • weese

    Okay, So i mounted the Iso, and clicked on it….but the cursor indicates it is waiting…then goes back to normal and nothing happens. Any reason as to why? Running XP on Dell XPS M170 ( I know, out dated ).

  • farhaan

    yeah i try with alot of games and it does not work like battlefield 2 deluxe edition

  • Buy Blank CD

    Well detailed. As far as my experience they use this Daemon Tools to prevent inserting CD on your CD drive all over again.

  • galliwasp

    i have an iso file that contains a music application – the data was originally on 3 discs. when i mount the iso in daemon tools, the first disc works fine, but i’m stuck when it then asks me to insert the second disc. i tried extracting the data from the iso file and burning the three discs, but although the first disc worked fine, the second was not recognised. any advice would be appreciated. thanks

  • Cheriansatish

    most of my games worked but when i click midtiwn madnes 2 after instaling it comes plees insert cd…and i dont even have the cd ….smoone pleeeeezzz help

  • Garrie

    This failed for me, i did everything. I am trying to install Visual studio Professional 2008. And when i click mount and select the ISO file it brings up the following error message:

    Setup.exe is not a valid Win32 application…

    Quick response would be appreciated.

  • Mahfuzanwar

    while installing Spiderman 3 using Daemon Tools only 1 setup file is executed and then I am asked to run CD 2 but I dont have any option to run setup file 2. Anyone plz help me out how to run 2 setup files using Daemon Tools.

  • Kenlewy

    the whole thing works well i have mounted the game but how do i lauch it

  • Anita

    i downloaded iso file containing iron man film from kickasstorrents when i mounted it and tried to run it from virtual drive in my computer, it says “windows cannot read from this disc. the disc might be corrupted or it could be using a format that is not compatible with windows”What should i do ?? please help soon !!!

  • rockstar

    i understand what you said but when install pop 3 the two thornes after installing cd1 then it asked for cd 2 and i cant find it

  • bruce

    will utorrent open iso files???

    • Dasroxitaly

       no way!!!!Utorrent is a dowloader try using Daemon Tools or WinRar

  • Reaperofall

    tried fallout 2 with bittorent it froze my cursor dissapeared and the computer froz will this work better than magic disk?

  • Rin

    I followed your instructions, and when I went to Computer to access the virtual rom, I got this. Help?!

    “Windows can’t access this disc. The disc might be corrupt. Make sure that the disc uses a format that windows recognizes. If the disc is unformatted, you need to format it before using it.”

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