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[How To] – Improve Your Android’s Battery Performance With Carat App

No matter which smartphone you get, there’s always going to be that nagging issue of your battery not being able to perform as you would like it to. Usually, a new smartphone battery would actually be quite good, and would last pretty well, but with time, there’s always a sharp decline in performance.

Androids generally are known to preserve a battery much better than let’s say the iOS for example. But the reputation can be for no good if there’s a resource-heavy or dysfunctional app trying to clog up your smartphone’s processing power. Such apps can drain your battery’s life in no time, with you end up being confused and frustrated.

So how do you identify such apps? Thankfully, there’s an app for that. Meet Carat, an app for the Android that basically shows you exactly which app is using up an un-usual amount of battery power and system resources. Developed by a team of researchers at the AMP Lab at ‘UC Berkely’, the Carat app intelligently combines statistics of your Android’s active apps and lists down solutions to help you improve your battery’s life.

Carat App: Installation & Data Analysis

Carat App Carat AppBefore you install Carat on your Android, please do remember that it’s not a quick solution to your smartphone’s problems. There is no guarantee that with Carat, your Android OS will suddenly be performing any faster, and all problems will solved instantly.

But having said that, the most common issue for your Android’s poor battery performance is usually a buggy app that you need to remove. Carat will help you do that. And if that’s the only issue, then you will definitely see an improvement.

Once you’ve installed Carat on your Android (from this link on the Google Play Store), you will need to give it some time to analyze your smartphone’s OS. Don’t worry, Carat does not silently run in the background. It will take at least a week or so to create recommendations based on your Android’s overall health. The app collects information from your Android and transfers it to its own servers, where the data is looked at and analyzed to see which app might be taking up all your system resources.

If you don’t see any suggestion even after the week, then don’t worry. That’s actually a good sign! No recommendations or suggestions mean that there is nothing with your Android OS, and there are no buggy apps present. The problem in fact might be actually the battery itself.

The J-Score

So what exactly is a J-Score? You’ll see this term in the device screen, under which you’ll get a few stats relating to your smartphone device, like the battery life, OS version, your Carat App ID, the device model, all your running apps, the total memory used, and the overall CPU usage.

All these above mentioned activities are bunched together to create a score (a J-Score), which can then be easily compared to the J-Scores of other devices running the Carat App.

Resolving Bugs and Hogs

So once an app is identified to be a problematic one, the Carat app basically categorizes it as either a Bug or a Hog. Bugs can be thought of apps that basically use up a lot of resources, on a much smaller percentage of devices, while Hogs can be thought of app that drain out your battery on a relatively large percentage of devices.

Bugs can be cured by simply restarting your OS, while Hogs may need to be killed to get rid of.

Carat is more towards identifying apps that can be harmful to your battery rather than giving you actual tips and solutions to improve your battery life. The interface might not be very pleasing to the eye, but the app gets the job done. If your Android is littered with a ton of apps, and you’re not sure how to filter out the good apps from the bad, then Carat app will do the job for you.

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