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Instantly Play Your Favorite Pandora or Last.fm Songs with Favtape

favtape logo Instantly Play Your Favorite Pandora or Last.fm Songs with FavtapeI have been a huge fan of Pandora and Last.fm for some time now, because they are great ways to find new music.  However, sometimes I want to just listen to the songs I’ve bookmarked or “Loved” on the respective service.

Enter Favtape.  Favtape allows you to listen to your bookmarked Pandora songs and your “Loved” Last.fm songs (up to 50 of them).  You don’t have to listen to the songs in any certain order, as Favtape allows you to pick whatever song you want.

Favorites in One Place

Being able to see all of your favorite songs in once place is a great benefit, because neither Pandora nor Last.fm does a great job of this.  Pandora does allow you to browse your bookmarked songs, and gives you some good options to discover more songs like it.  However, I quit using Pandora for Last.fm, and Last.fm won’t even let you see your “Loved” songs without a subscription.  I have often wanted to see a good list of my favorite songs, so I can go out and download their album buy their album from iTunes.

Top 100

Everyone likes a few of the top songs every year no matter how indie you are.  They are called Pop Songs for a reason, but that is a different discussion in itself.  Favtape allows you to check out some of the top songs of the year for several different categories.

favtape top songs Instantly Play Your Favorite Pandora or Last.fm Songs with Favtape

Other Options

Once you have put in your Last.fm or Pandora username or selected a top song genre, you will be taken to a long list of songs.  You have several options to choose from.  You can click on the song to listen, or you can get the ringtone, watch the video, buy the mp3 on iTunes, read the lyrics, find more songs by the artist or find similar songs.  These options are great and allow for more entertainment than just listening to the songs.

favtape ss Instantly Play Your Favorite Pandora or Last.fm Songs with Favtape


Favtape is a great new way to scroll through some of your favorite tracks or find some new songs.  It won’t replace Last.fm or Pandora, but I will definitely be visiting it from time to time.

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